Military Spouse’s: Friends For Life

weI have been a military spouse since 2007, so almost nine years now. I have had so  many other spouses talk to me about their friendships they have made along their journey’s of following their husband’s around the globe. So I wanted to write an article letting people know why having a military friend as a spouse is a blessing in disguise. First of all let’s debunk what you may think. We are not filled with drama…our friendships do not require a lot of maintenance….and we will forget you when we move on to our next duty station.

Now it is true that friendships with a military spouse require a little bit of work especially in terms of keeping in contact us when we move God knows where. We move more than most (ALOT) but that doesn’t mean we don’t make the best friends you will ever have. Our time may be short but it is a bond that will survive all the miles put between us. 

Truths about why you should be BFF’s with a military spouse.

jess 2You can learn so much from us. We have walked some bumpy roads and most of the time in high-heels. We have moved all around the world and learn to be strong and carry a burden most couldn’t. We survive most of the time without any family nearby….so our friends become some of the most important people in our world besides our spouses and our children. We will touch your heart and definitely leave an imprint when we go. Most of the relationships we make our long-term and will last a lifetime.

We can go weeks, months, or years without talking or seeing one another and when we do we pick up right where we left off. Life can take us different places and we may drift apart for a little while but Lord knows when our paths cross again the seas will part and all heck will break loose like we were never apart.
VixenYou don’t have to be a military spouse to be out friends. Some of the friendships we make are our with civilian spouses we meet along the way. You are there to offer us a hug, or a meal when our husband’s are deployed to just give advice when our kids are driving us insane. You come to all of our family functions and know all of our crazy family (yea we all have a few.) The only thing missing is you don’t live with us (that can be arranged don’t think I haven’t tried to get you your own room.)

KariYou can raid my fridge whenever you want and you know where I hide all the good stuff (don’t tell the kids or the hubby for that matter.) You don’t care if I have showered, if I am sick (physically or mentally for that matter) or if everything I own has paint on it.



angThere really are no limits to our friendship. You take me as I am and for all which that entails. You tell me like it is with no sugar-coating especially when I am overreacting. We have inside jokes that other people won’t understand. After all these years I know we will always be best friends and there is no way I could ever let our friendship go (I mean after all you know way too much about me.)




mesa Girls

You touch my life in a way you will never truly understand. You are my rock when my other half is not here to help me. So next time you doubt whether or not a friendship with me is worth it. Remember that God put us in each other’s path for a reason and you should make the most of the time we have together no matter how much time that is.

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