Mistakes To Avoid During Your Home Renovation Project

Mistakes To Avoid During Your Home Renovation Project

Are you thinking about renovating your home soon? Whether you are fixing up your home to add to your home comforts, or are trying to add value to your property, we hope you make your renovation project a success. Still, you do need to have more than a little wisdom before work commences. Here are some of the very worst mistakes you could make during this period. Ignore them at your peril!

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Using your limited skills on the project

You may have a knack for knocking nails in the wall and unscrewing the occasional light bulb, but are you really equipped to take on the renovation project yourself? Knocking down a wall may seem easy, but there is the danger of structural damage. You also need to consider the pipework and electrical wiring that comes with adding or changing rooms around the house, so our advice is this: put that sledgehammer down and hire a professional. You might want to skip the expense, but a qualified tradesman is cheaper in the longer run than having to repair the damage you are likely to make.

Not having a budget in mind

Renovation work can be extremely expensive. Not only do you need to hire the professionals we mentioned, but there are those extra costs, such as planning fees and skip hire. The project is likely to overrun too, so you need to account for the extra costs that might incur. So do not do anything until you know how much you have to spend. Your best bet is to save your money until you can splash out on your project. There is no point in rushing through your renovation and not doing your research, such as visiting a kitchen and a bathroom showroom for ideas and inspiration. Spend your money wisely, such as hiring the best building firm for the job, and give yourself some wriggle room for any unexpected expenses that might pop up.

Underestimating the resale value

When renovating your home for resale, you need to focus on the most-used places in the house. The living room, bathroom, and kitchen should always be a priority, as these are the rooms that most home-buyers are interested in. When renovating for personal use, such as adding an extension for a specific purpose, you need to remember that you may still consider selling at some point in the future. There are certain features that don’t add value to the home, so think carefully before you splash your cash on a swimming pool or that very niche home decor you have always fancied.

Not getting planning permission

You don’t always need planning permission, especially if you are only making a small renovation. Still, you should find out where you stand before work begins, as you don’t want to quit half-way through a project with all the expenses that will incur.
We hope we haven’t put you off your home renovation. With common sense and reliance on the experts, everything should go according to plan. Despite the stress and upheaval that comes with it, we hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor after the work has been completed.


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