Operation Surprise with The Home Depot Foundation

Operation Surprise with The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation “Operation Surprise” 2019

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When we were asked to be a part of Operation Surprise with Home Depot and the The Home Depot Foundation we were so excited! We jumped on a plane and headed to Atlanta, and it was such an amazing experience, we couldn’t wait to share this experience with our readers!



When we arrived the streets were full of construction materials and volunteers getting everything ready for the event. You could see smiles all around us at every turn. The goal was to work on 7 different houses in this one neighborhood.


The Home Depot Bus



When the bus with all the Home Depot employees pulled up, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many employees came to volunteer their time, it was humbling.

You could feel the positive vibes in the air, and you could tell everyone was eager to help. From dedicated residents, to Home Depot volunteers, everyone was on-hand and ready to make a difference. You could feel the inspiration in the air, as we watched this neighborhood transformed before our eyes. Everyone came together with one goal in mind, to make an impact in this Atlanta neighborhood.






The Home Depot Foundation

Let’s talk a little about Operation Surprise and what The Home Depot Foundation and what they do. We had the opportunity to see first-hand how The Home Depot Foundation is working hard to give back to communities across the U.S. and get a behind the scenes view on this project.

Now we have the chance to help the The Home Depot Foundation increase awareness of its mission to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans and support communities impacted by natural disasters. The Home Depot Foundation salutes the service of our veterans in defending our freedoms – 35,000 of Home Depot’s associates are veterans after all. Their associate-led volunteer force, Team Depot, gives back to veterans and celebrates their selfless spirit all year long by serving senior, homeless and combat-wounded veterans through home renovations, repairs and more!

Join this Amazing Campaign

We know so many of you support military veterans and would love to take part in this amazing campaign, and now you can! The Home Depot Foundation is on a mission to make a difference, so please join us and help spread the word to nominate a deserving veteran for a life-changing surprise. We want to salute the service of our veterans in defending our freedoms by surprising them with life-changing moments and memories.

This is a contest that anyone can enter. We’re asking you to spread the word and nominate a deserving veteran in your life that The Home Depot Foundation can surprise with up to $25,000 in home repairs. Think about a parent, grandparent, friend or coworker in your life that has served in the military and is in need of home repairs. This is your chance to serve them for serving us.

To nominate a deserving veteran, visit HomeDepotFoundation.org and enter the requested information (name, contact info, about the veteran, etc.). You have from now through Veterans Day to do so. On Veterans Day, The Home Depot Foundation will announce the winner. The work will be completed by December 31, 2020.


Behind The Scenes

The entire street was buzzing with volunteers painting entire home exteriors, shutters, building outdoor decks, landscaping, and so much more.

We are so excited to share the houses and how quickly all the volunteers made such a difference in such a short amount of time. It was surreal to watch the transformations, and how hard every single person worked to make such a huge difference to each and every home. Here are the homes and a little view of the work that was done!

As a retired military family and spouses I have seen how veterans feel left behind and unwanted when their service to our country is over. Our veterans need to be remembered and sometimes need a helping hand. The fact that The Home Depot Foundation offers that support our veterans truly deserve, makes my heart happy.

These are the homes During The Homedepot Foundation chose to help during the launch of Operation Surprise. Seven houses along this Atlanta street, which included two homes of veterans.

The Homes

These seven homes that were chosen were submitted bu people within the community. It was amazing to see the homeowners on site, excited to see their homes transformed. The fact we were able to pitch in and work on a house was an added bonus to our trip.

Me and Mike are constantly working on a DIY project, and to have the chance to make such a positive impact was an opportunity for us. To have the chance to be part of The Home Depot team felt like home to us. The truly bring a little home to every life they touch!


House #1

House #1


Paint Progress


Ready for a Makeover


House #2

House #2

Team Meeting


House #2 Team


Team Hard at work


A little Paint Can Change Everything


House #3

House #3


Jessica at House #3


Brave Souls Climbing Ladders


Homeowners Out in Full Support


Painting Exterior of Home and Shutters



House #4

House #4 Before


House #4 Supplies


House #4 Progress


Yellow to Brown


House #4


House #5



Building Deck


Going Blue


Paint Buddies

House #6

House #6 Prep


House #6


Paint Refresh


Trim Painting


Team Work


Team Meeting




House #7



House #7


Building Benches


Building Decks


Assembling Patio Furniture


Meeting Friends “New & Old”





The best part of the day was to talk to the homeowners and see their smiles and hear their stories. You could tell this meant as much to them as it do every volunteer. The difference just a few hours can make in so many people’s lives leaves me speechless.

When the day came to a close The Home Depot Foundation had one last surprise for the two deserving veterans. Home Depot opened up the Operation Surprise box which contained some amazing gifts for their home. They also included some kitchen remodeling to sweeten the deal!

As a retired military family and veteran this mission is very important to us, to our family, and to our country. So please join us, share, and find a veteran today and give back. Say “thank you for your service”. Please nominate a veteran today! It only takes a few minutes to show someone they have made an impact on your life!

Let’s support the Home Depot and The Home Depot Foundation with this amazing campaign!




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