Padding Out Your Old, Lofty Walls For The Winter

Padding Out Your Old, Lofty Walls For The Winter

Is the weather something you’re typically aware of, when you’re snug at home with the TV and a comfy sofa?

The winter is well on its way, and because of this, there’s a lot of warm and cosy preparation you’re going to have to do – especially if you’ve got thin walls and were constantly feeling the heat throughout the summer as well! So here’s to padding out the four walls around you, and making sure your house truly does feel like a home for the rest of this year.


Check Out Your Insulation

If you’re living in an old house, or something like a converted barn, there’s a good chance you’ve got some thin, worn away walls on your hands. And that’s not a good sign for anyone who wants to live within them – you’re going to feel the weather a lot more, have a greater chance of catching colds a lot more often, and ultimately, feel unsafe and unhappy in your home.

So be sure to check on the state of your insulation, and whether you could do with a bit more padding. Find out what kind of walls you have, whether they’re solid or cavity in nature, and then work with the thermal insulation options available on the market. If your house is old or converted, there’s a good chance you don’t have cavities – fit some insulation boards and then cover them up with new plaster/cladding. It’s a project you can very well try out yourself, as long as you’ve got some DIY knowledge up your sleeve.


Add Some Softer, More Padded Furniture

If you’ve got a lot of furniture in your house, there’s less of a chance you’re going to be hearing echoes from the walls as you walk in and start talking to your partner, and there’s also less of a chance the cold is going to be able to spread. After all, the more internal insulation there is in the form of human bodies and much loved furniture, the less empty and uninhabitable a space is going to feel.

So be sure to have the very best of soft and padded furniture on your hands, mostly in the shape of cushions, chairs, sofas, and beds. You can find more info here on the latter option. You can really fill up a space quickly with items like these, as well as feel a lot cosier and comfortable because of it – if you’ve got kids on your hands, dump all the soft furnishings on the floor and make a huge pillow and blanket fort out of them!

Your old house doesn’t have to get you down this winter – you’ve got plenty of time and opportunity to turn it into a thriving home with all the warmth and comfort anyone could ever need. And if you’ve got a fireplace, make sure the chimney is clean and clear for you to use as a lovely hearth during this long, dark, and cold months.


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