Painting 101

PPPainting can be fun (if you are artistic like me) or painting can be a pain if you’re not prepared for the task. Making sure you have all the right tools and prep work done ahead of time can mean the difference between a successful project or a major fail.

You want to select the tools you will need to get the job done. Although cost affordable is key you want to pick tools that aren’t cheap because it will show in your end product. Pick brushes that are comfortable because you will spend quality time with them for sure. You want to buy the best quality that you can afford. Trust me when I say your brush will see you through many projects if you commit to a good one.


brushesChoosing the right brush size is also very important. If you are outlining a room then you would want to use a 3″ brush. This is also important to do before you all the wall, often enough the roller cannot get those last few inches so this will be key. a 1″ brush is great for furniture projects such as accent pieces. I always use a 2″ angled brush when I am painting trim or I want to ensure I have good control in certain areas.



brushesNow if you have ever walked into a hardware store you will probably be a bit overwhelmed with the amount of different types of paintbrushes. So how do you know which type to use? Well depending on the type of painting job will determinate type of brush you will need. For example I use natural bristle brushes when I am applying stain and any oil-based paints. I use polyester bristle brushes every time when I am using latex paint (A must in my book). I use foam brushes for most of my smaller craft projects or when trying to get into small corner of a furniture piece.


napsNow there are some times with painting projects where a roller is a must. It will literally save you so much time you can take a nap break. These are the type of rollers I would recommend depending on your choice of paint:



  • 1/2 foam roller when using gloss paint on a smooth wall
  • 3/8-1/2″ nap when applying satin, flat, semi-gloss on smooth to lightly textured walls
  • 3/4″ nap for textured wall
  • Use lamb’s wool rollers when working with stains or oil-based paints (Pictured here to the left).








Next you will need to make sure you have some cleaning tools on hand. This is essential especially if you want to use all these supplies on another project. You want to make sure you keep your rollers and brushes cleaned properly. One of my favorite products is the 5 in 1 tool. This handy-dandy gadget is perfect for scraping excess paint from a roller. I also always have a comb on hand to remove paint from my brushes. I always wash everything with warm water until it’s all clean as  a whistle. Always stand your rollers up and hang paintbrushes to dry.


5 in 1 Comb




Last piece of advice in terms of painting is to always prepare area you wish to paint. Make sure walls or piece is clean and smooth. Making sure to patch any holes in the wall or sand down any areas that may have been repaired in the past.



P.S. Don’t be afraid to be bold and show your personality with your paint choices. Having a statement wall is very popular and you can transform a room with just a few coats of paint.

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