Personality Profile: What’s Your Homebuying Style?

Personality Profile: What’s Your Homebuying Style?

Although the home buying process is fixed and the same for everyone, people have unique homebuying styles. To put it in a more Filipino way, everyone has their own diskarte. The simple reason behind this is people’s unique personalities. Your temperament influences how you pick a home, decide on matters, even how you discuss things with your spouse.

It’s important to be aware of your home buying style simply because it’s not fool-proof. It’s riddled with blind spots, and you want to avoid that to make this entire thing a success. That said, ask yourself which of these homebuying personalities you may have:

The Hard-Core Decisionmaker

These are the buyers who are set on what they want in a home. They’re determined to purchase such, and they want to see results as quickly as they can. They take action as soon as they decide on the budget or get mortgage approval. Although they know they want that three-storey property in Makati or that Capitol Commons condo for sale, details aren’t their strongest suit. They care more about the big picture, particularly the goal of getting the property, so they rally people, from their real estate agent to financial coach to their spouse into getting the job done fast.

If you have this kind of style, beware of your blindspots. For one, you could be utterly impatient with the long process. Losing your cool won’t help. It may turn off loan officers or sellers. It may even create a rift between you and your spouse if you don’t listen to them and instead cling so hard on your resolve to get things done. Keep calm. Hold your reins every now and then.


The Social Butterfly

These are the people who use their rapport-building skills in getting the home of their dreams. They’re good at small talk, as well as business transactions with sellers and agents. Due to this, they can make negotiations work best for them. At the same time, they’re into collaboration. They work closely with their agent, so they get the first scoop on new properties at a certain location or great deals in the market.

If you’re all about forming relationships, mingling with people in unit viewings, perhaps befriending the seller, you most likely have this homebuying style. Be conscious of potential booboos in this kind of strategy though. As much as you’re good at negotiations, you can get easily swayed with the same sweet-talking agents. You may find yourself throwing away your non-negotiables in favor of your good relationship with them.

Social-butterfly homebuyers tend to be like the hard-core decisionmakers. They’re not so keen on details (precisely because they’re after relationships). Just be sure that the details you’re not paying attention to won’t derail your homebuying success.


The Chill Pill

These buyers are a lot more subdued compared to the first two. They’re passive. They might even look disinterested when attending open houses. What makes them clever buyers is they take the time to analyze things and make sure they’re doing the right move. They’re also comfortable with the uncomfortables of the home buying process, like the long waiting game in mortgage approval or home offer acceptance, which helps them think clear all throughout the journey. Their primary strategy is to maintain stability.

What you should watch out for in this approach though is when you take too long of a time to decide on things. Another buyer may snag the property you’ve been eyeing for months and you miss out on a good deal. Give yourself a deadline for “chilling” or thinking things through.

People have different styles when it comes to buying a home. It’s important to be aware of yours so you can keep an eye on blind spots. So, what’s your homebuying style?

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