Preparing for a Big Renovation

Preparing for a Big Renovation

Sometimes, more than a little DIY or a touch up is needed. You might have bought a house that’s in need of a lot of work, or decided that it’s time to make some bold changes to your home. You might even find yourself forced into renovation due to unexpected damage or other problems with the structure of your home.

This kind of big renovation project can be exciting. You can see it as a chance to start again. To make significant changes and design the home of your dreams. But, it’s also stressful, time-consuming, expensive and often more than a little scary.

It’s worse if you go into it without any kind of preparation. You can quickly throw up some wallpaper or repaint a wall without much thought. A significant renovation is something else. If you want it to go well, without facing too much disruption, you first need to plan. Here are some tips to help you.


Create a Budget

The first thing that you should do before starting any big project in the home is to compile a detailed budget. It’s easy to get excited and overspend, but it’s even easier to make costly mistakes that need correcting.

Look at what needs doing and think about what you can afford, and whether or not you are prepared to borrow money or find other ways to finance your project. Then, create a detailed budget, making sure you leave at least 10% to cover any emergencies or overrun.


Find the Right Tools

Whether you plan to take on all of the work yourself, or you are getting in help, you will need some of your own tools if you want any input at all. Find the best reciprocating saw as well as some other basics and any specifics that you might need. Some, you might already have and others you can pick up second hand or hire, but some tools are always handy to have in your kit, and worth spending more on.


Find the Right Help

Your home is unique to you. You’ll have your own ideas and tastes, and not everyone will understand them. You certainly don’t want just anyone working on your big project. Think about your own skills. Do you need designers and architects? Or just builders and contractors? Does the extent of your renovation mean that you need plumbers, electricians or other tradespeople?

Once you know what help you need, take the time to meet people to make sure they understand what you need and want from them, and fit in your budget. Don’t just hire the first people that you see.


Think About How You’ll Live

If you are just renovating one room, living in your house should still be possible. For example, if you are working on a kitchen, you could move the essentials that you need for day to day life into another room and eat more takeout.

If you are working on your whole house, but one room at a time, you should be able to move your essentials from room to room and live relatively comfortable. But, in some cases, if you find yourself without water or electricity, for example, you might need a short stay in a hotel or with family. Look at your plans and your budget and try to work out how long you will need to be out of your house, and where you will be during that time.


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