Rae Dunn Insanity

So I stopped by my local Marshall’s yesterday since I was at Target next door. I have pretty much gave up on looking for Rae Dunn on a regular basis anymore. I spent  most of the summer as we relocated with the Army from North Carolina to Kansas stopping at every TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s I could find with zero to no luck. Not so much as even a mug, and my frustration was getting the best of me. The final straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was an altercation I got in with another RD Buyer in a Home Goods in the middle of who know’s where.

(Photo by Rae Dunn)


I was asked by an employee if I needed anything I said I collect Rae Dunn and I am looking for well pretty much anything at this point. She said she was just bringing some out to the floor and went into the back and brought out a box. I am pretty sure I heard angels sing and the gates of Heaven open at this moment. You would have thought someone was handing me a check for winning the lottery (pretty much felt that way.) Please keep in mind I spent all summer trying to find something…anything!!


So she brought out a small box and it was Rae Dunn polka dot line. I only had a few pieces of this part of her collection so I was so excited. I started to go through the box and I heard some lady start yelling behind me.

She said “You are one of those shelf clearers that buys all the Rae Dunn and leaves nothing for the rest of us.” I was mortified, was she talking to me? The me who buys for my friends because they also can’t find anything? The me who has an actual list on my phone of people in my Rae Dunn Trade group on Instagram who makes it a point to only charge them retail and ship their hard to find pieces? Ok so I am a kind natured person, but I have to tell you my heart was racing and I could feel myself getting emotional.

Fast forward to a few minutes later which seemed like a lifetime of her dirty looks and her following me around the store. I had two butter dishes one for me one for a friend who collects the polka dot collection also. She walked up to me yet again and said “Do you really need two butter dishes?” I proceeded to tell her my friend has also been looking for one and its for her. This lady had me almost in tears, it was awful. I need up giving her the second butter dish so she would let me be. I remember checking out, going to my car shaking. This was it, I was just done. I had heard more and more stories of people getting harassed, physically, and emotionally over this pottery.

I love me some Rae Dunn she is just the sweetest person ever, I was recently in a giveaway with her on Instagram and I was so giddy to just be in the chat with her! She has a great personality and such a kind heart. As a military spouse I hoping one day her items will hit our PX!

So long story short, it is too crazy for me out there in the trenches with the Rae Dunn Resellers. I now just trade and if I happen to be somewhere and see it so be it. It will not control my shopping habits, I will not wait outside for a store to open wondering if the people next to me are there for Rae Dunn to. I wont sprint once the doors open thinking the person next to me is going to get that one unicorn I have been searching for. Nope I just wont do it.  I can’t I mean I have 25 coffee cups so I think I am good on those for a while.

But I am not going to lie, I still want and need everything she makes in my life. I love her new glass line it is amazing! But I just wont go through all that it takes to find those pieces and be left disheartened and defeated when I can’t. So like any addiction I will most likely keep searching for new items,because I can’t not!

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  1. Janice says:

    The nerve of that lady! Shame on her! People like that you just have to walk away from and just be glad you are not like her! It’s so crazy how Rae Dunn is so expensive now too, unless you find it at Home Goods or Marshall’s.

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