The Real Army Wives

love2Living life as a military spouse can sometimes be challenging. Families are often faced with many obstacles. Raising children while your spouse is deployed, celebrating holidays and special occasions alone while your soldier is fighting for our freedoms. Soldiers are often missing life milestones such as soccer games, award ceremonies, and graduations. So I wanted to take a moment and ask military spouses reasons on why they love living the military life. And these are their responses.

candaceI love my soldier because he is truly my other half. He completes me. We are complete opposites so we balance each other out. He’s driven, determined, confident, and has an amazing work ethic. The military has brought all those traits out even more. I love being married to a soldier because the homecomings after a deployment are amazing. Deployments suck but homecomings are an unexplainable kind of awesome. -Candace




BreidgetMy husband joined after Sept. 11th. He was almost 28 years old. We both deeply love our country and are proud to be part of the organizations, which protect her. It’s hard. Deployments and training were hard. The time apart almost wrecked our marriage. However, my husband is deserving of great respect as a person. He is honorable, strong, and dependable. So naturally, he makes a brilliant soldier! And the Army has been a huge blessing to us, especially in the medical department. Both our children have special needs and at 14 years old, my daughter has had 14 surgeries. And Tricare has been there every step of the way, seeing us through it all. So yeah, I wish for more pay and the ability to live where we choose sometimes. However, I love our Army life and the unique lifestyle that it is. HOOAH! –Bridget

vetMy soldier is stable, reliable, and can handle my crazy. He isn’t romantic, but he tries and fumbles. He makes me realize how good I have it. He takes care of me and he works hard to make my life easier. The military has allowed us to experience adventure. We are always learning to adapt to new situations. The military forced us to learn to communicate and work together. I love the places we get to see and things we get to expose our children to. -Ashlee

MeaI met my husband when I was 15 and he has been my best friend ever since. It feels like he’s been around forever. When it comes to the military aspect or our relationship, I love being married to a soldier simply because of all the experiences we’ve had living so many places. I’ve gotten to do things I’m not sure I would have experienced otherwise, like see the northern lights to chasing fireflies in the backyard. -Mae


JulieIf it wasn’t for my husband joining the Army we wouldn’t had met almost twenty years ago. He joined when he was just 21, we met at his first duty assignment. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into then, but it has been an adventure for us, and our children. The military has taken us places we probably wouldn’t have gone. He is retiring in five months and we both will miss being part of the Army family, but I will always be an Army wife for life. The Army has tested our relationship and how strong of a bond we have. The last fifteen months we have been separated with visits in between. My husband is strong, a hard worker, dependable, and a very caring man. I am beyond proud of him as my husband, best friend, father, and solider. We look forward to our next chapter of our lives together.  -Julie


ChristinaI love my honey because he’s my rock. I’ve had family and friends that think because I’m the wife of a soldier (that has been away or not home often) that *I* am my own rock. It’s completely the other way around. I love the strength the military has added to our family; we know how to love from a far and love hard!! I love my husband most because no matter where in the world we are, being with him is home. -Christina


vet1I’m very blessed to be married to my best friend. When we get assigned to a new duty station, I’m not stressed about making friends because my husband is always there. Because of the benefits the Army offers and my husbands awesome money managing skills, I am blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with our babies. -Melissa

amber desktopI love my soldier because he is my soul mate. In our marriage we balance each other out. We have a strong and positive bond that no one can break. He makes me feel safe and I truly enjoy watching the growth of our marriage as the years pass. We accept each other for who we are, and we bring out the best in each other. He is my best friend, whom I cherish our committed marriage with.  -Amber




aleahI love my husband because he is my best friend, the calm to my crazy. He keeps me calm and makes me smile when I am having a bad day… if it wasn’t for him being put on recruiter duty we would have never met. His job allows for me stay at home with our kids. He supports me when I have crazy ideas and in my endeavors. He supported me when I wanted to become a Zumba instructor and has stuck by my side no matter what. He is my better half, my rock, my best friend, and my sole mate. We have been married going on 11 years, and together for just over 12. -Aleah


lmI love my husband because he makes everything just seem better. He can fix a bad day just by coming home. He can make me smile from half a world away. He can make me feel special and loved even when he’s not around. Most of all he makes me feel a happiness I didn’t know was possible. I think being married to a soldier makes you fiercely loyal to both them and our country. Our husbands fight for our freedoms, and we fight for them. I have a whole different appreciation for what our military does, because I am married to a soldier. Things I didn’t necessarily think about before are now just a part of life. It also makes us completely reliant on each other. There isn’t family nearby to help you out, you have to learn to make things work for you and your family without others being involved. I think his being in the military has made me stronger than I might have otherwise realized I could be. -Erin

ashleyI never believed others when they said opposites attract. Boy, was I wrong. We are total opposites in almost everything. I’m a social butterfly and he is not. I love how my soldier grounds me and I can make him come out of his shell. I love is dedication to his career and his soldiers. He is the rock I need when I have panic attacks or high anxiety. We both are army brats and are proud to continue the family legacy of infantrymen and military life that generations on both sides of our families did before us. The military has given us so much and I would have never met him without it. We wouldn’t have a strong unbreakable bond and believe me it’s been tested. I know we can make it through any obstacle thrown our way, together. -Ashley

LindsayI feel lucky, because the hardest thing AND the thing I’m most grateful for about being a military spouse are the exact same: the absences. We are just now becoming a part of the USAREC family (DA select), and I know that long periods apart don’t apply as much in this arm of the Army, but let me tell you: nothing helps me keep things in perspective and keeps me from taking my husband for granted, like knowing that in a year, six months, two months, etc. he will be gone. It’s the epitome of a blessing and a curse. It’s hard to become complacent when your time together always has a due date, however near or far. I’m incredibly thankful for this but dammit if it doesn’t break my heart as well. -Lindsay

Jenn LeeI love being married to my husband for a million reasons! The main thing I love about his job in the military is the adventures. Not all people like packing up and moving every couple of years, but I love getting to explore new places and the opportunity to see the world. We can settle down when he retires…maybe. -Jennifer


ATC PicWhen we met I just knew I would love him the rest of my life. There was no denying it, it was clear from the start he was my soul mate. I felt it in my bones and in my heart, and I couldn’t imagine a world without him in it. I had no idea what it meant to be a military wife. I always thought it was the soldiers who sacrificed so much, but now I know it goes so much deeper than that. When you are a military spouse you spend a lot of time missing your spouse. My children have often been uprooted to whatever new duty station and had to say goodbye to too many best friends (too many to keep track of). But they have also learned to be resilient and make friends quickly. I also am blessed to have made so many lifelong friends in our journeys. We have traveled and lived placed we never would have had the chance to experience had it not been for the military.

distanceI am also thankful for our benefits. When I was diagnosed in May of 2012 with breast cancer. So many doctors, tests, medications, treatments, surgeries, etc. just the co-payments alone had we been civilian would have bankrupted us. I never had to worry about anything because Tricare covered everything.

You also truly never know how much someone loves you until you get sick. I was a wreck, I was 32 with 3 kids and now I had breast cancer. My husband stood by me through every emotion I dealt with (sadness, anger, hopelessness, grief). But he never left me alone, he was my rock when I needed him to be. He held me when I cried, he held me when I hurt, he held me when I was scared to death. He was my support he gave me strength when I wanted to fall to my knees.

throughOne thing us military wives know is soldiers have this way about them. There is this inner strength that I admire. My husband is a soldier to his core and he loves what he does. He loves our country and he doesn’t hesitate to do what is asked of him at a moments notice.

Most soldiers feel the sense of duty behind what they do each day, it all serves the mission of the military. But behind the soldier is a spouse, a family, which often takes a back seat. Most of us had no idea what we were signing up for when we feel in love with a soldier, others may have. But one thing is pretty clear, we wouldn’t expect anything less of our man in uniform. That is part of what we fell in love with, his respect, his loyalty, his fight.


strongSomething you may not know about military wives is they have such a wicked sense of humor. If we don’t laugh most of the time, we would be crying (so we choose to laugh instead). We also have a passion that is unexplainable, about everything! We learn how to be single parents and often try to co-parent from across the world at the same time. We are stronger than anyone you know(even when we are not on the inside). We give up a lot to live the life (we chose when we said “I Do”) and that is a strength some will never know. We build bonds faster and stronger that often last a lifetime. We help each other without being asked (we just know when someone needs something).

Like our soldiers we are resilient. We deal with deployments, frequent PCS’s, changing jobs, careers, schools, we are always facing change head on with a smile (while we are screaming inside). The moment we were married, we started this life of sacrifice and service. We give up everything to follow in our soldiers boot prints. We stay back why he fights for our country and fight our own battles at home.

boys and mikeOur children in my eyes pay the biggest toll. They change schools every few years, deal with being apart from their dad or mom (but yet they are so brave and just adapt as they need to). My son told me a few weeks ago that he is tired of making best friends and having to say goodbye. I think you could actually hear my heart-break for him. But he understands why we live this life and he never usually complains about it (not as often as one would think).

As much as I sometimes wish for a different set of circumstances, I truly know I will miss this way of life one day when my soldier retires and we transition back to the civilian world. But until that happens for most of us we will stand next to our soldiers and support them in any way we can (because this is the life we chose and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

roadWhen our roads seem rocky or too hard, our soldiers lift us up and helps us remember that we can do anything we set our minds to. They stand by us through all our crazy adventures. And one thing is clear among military wives, we will follow our soldiers wherever they go, and wherever our soldier is, is where we will call home!



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