Small Bathroom? Here Are Design Tips For You

Small Bathroom? Here Are Design Tips For You

If you have a small bathroom, it can be a nightmare to create something that is both relaxing and functional. So what do you do? Go minimal? Go all out? Well, big bathrooms have the bonus of being pretty easy to decorate, but what works for them won’t work for you. But you’ve heard that the best thing come in smaller packages right?

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If a space is small, it has to be cleaned even more. There is nowhere to hide all of the towels and leftover soap bars. You have to clean it at least daily. With a deep clean on the weekends.


You should quit thinking low, and think high. Storage that travels up the walls will give you a lot more space than you think. If you can fit shelves up high, you can add details like rustic bathroom accessories, plants, and personal items. Because you’ll need to use every inch, you should take a peek at small space wizards like IKEA.


White is, of course, the obvious choice when it comes to the color that you use. But you shouldn’t be scared to use other calming colors. Natural stone tones, soft greens, greys all work really well to make a space appear more significant than it is.


They bounce light around and brighten up a space just by being in there. They also make the room look more significant when they are carefully angled. So play with a range of mirror sizes until you get to the one that has the most impact.


Be selective about what really needs to be in there. Do you need all of your towels? Do you have another place they can go? Do you need a bod full of hair bands or ‘random things’? Probably not. Choose what you really need in there to make it work for you.


If you have a typical shower curtain you might find it cuts out a lot of light, needs to be washed a lot and in general, just isn’t as pretty as you might like. Swap it for a glass one. They don’t inhibit the light, and they are what you usually find in the more upmarket bathrooms.

Under The Sink

Most sinks have all of this unused space under it. Get a fitted unit that makes the most of the area without being too intrusive. They come in the slimmest of forms to fit even the smallest available space too.

Side Of Bath

If you are the type of person who leaves all of your bubble bath and shampoo bottles all over the side of your bath – you’re doing yourself no favors at all. Not only do they leave rings if you don’t clean the bathroom daily, but they look messy. One or two bottles is all you need really and is probably all you use too.


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