Smart Locks. Are They Worth It?

Smart Locks. Are They Worth It?

Technology is oozing into everything: refrigerators, ovens, showers, and, yes, even toilets. It’s up to us as consumers to tell companies what it is that we really want and what, frankly, we don’t.

Smart locks are one of the most exciting innovations to come out in the smart home space in recent years. This new piece of security kit seems to offer it all: flexibility, adaptability, and control. For many, smart locks aren’t just a gimmick, but something from which they can genuinely benefit.



Smart locks are basically what they sound like: locks that use some sophisticated opening method and don’t rely on a key. The idea is that you can just walk up to your front door and it’ll open for you. How exactly this works depends on how much you spend and which brand you use. Basic systems rely on you having your phone on your person to unlock your front door, but there are already firms looking into using cameras and machine learning to recognize homeowners’ faces – scary or cool, depending on your perspective.

Smart locks offer a host of advantages over regular locks. Let’s take a look.


Choose Your Style

Don’t like the style of your existing lock? Smart locks might be just what you need, thanks to the sheer range of products on offer.

For those who like minimalist designs, the Kwikset Kevo is a great product. To the untrained eye, it looks just like a regular deadbolt but as you approach with your companion app, LEDs in the bolt light up, telling you that you’re able to access your home.


Keep Your Keys

Smart locks aren’t the end of keys, your local locksmith or anything else as fundamental as that – not if you don’t want them to be. One of the largest players in the market, August, will retrofit smart locks on old models, allowing you to keep your old lock setup if you want to. Combining keys and smart locks in a single package cuts your risk of being locked out if you forget either your keys or your phone.


Allow Guests In And Out

Handing over keys to people who need to access your home is a hassle. You either have to hand over keys beforehand (a security risk) or be there to let them in. But with smart locks, you can finally get around that problem.


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Most systems come with the ability to control access to your property remotely. You fire up the companion app and tell the lock to allow access to whoever needs to get into your home. This technology is ideal for parents who want to let babysitters or tradespeople into their homes while they’re not there.


Lock Your Door Remotely

For most people, locking the external doors of their home at night is just an accepted part of their routine. But smart locks do away with all of that, allowing you to give locking instructions from your smartphone and, sometimes, verbally, if you have an integrated home assistant.

Will you use a smart lock to secure your home?


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