Rae Dunn Pottery Addiction

Ray 1So I am the first to admit, I think I have an addiction to Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs (Ok let’s be honest all Rae Dunn products). The addiction starts with picking up the occasional mug when you run across one. Then followed by a tea-pot, canisters, cheese plates, OMG anything you can get your hands on. I guess if you look on the bright side I could be addicted to something far worse so this isn’t all that bad right? This is the moment when my husband is literally rolling his eyes wondering why we need 15 coffee mugs( when I am the only one who drinks coffee in the house).

So let me set the stage….a few months back I wondered on to a military wife Facebook page and it changed my entire world. The name of the group is “White Walls” and sharing the most awesome home decor is the game. I could spend hours scrolling the page looking at the most amazing home decor. These ladies also share my love and passion of “Target”. They show how they decorate and stage their homes and find the most amazing pieces. Now I am not going to lie I WANT IT ALL!!

CBSo when they started showing their coffee bars, I immediately wanted one. Doesn’t matter that we have plenty of counter space in our kitchen…They have them and they look awesome.. so of course I want one too!!

Some of these coffee bars and collections these ladies have is well as the kids say “off the hook”. This is also where my addiction to Rae Dunn began. I had no idea who she was or what her products were until I saw them all over “White Walls”. So I immediately went to my go to for all things information “Google”. My research of Rae Dunn was endless (more and more items I added to my wish list).



R21So fast forward a few months…I was at my local TJ Max and low-and-behold there they were Rae Dunn coffee mugs. It was like angels were singing. I know they needed to come home with me (All 8 mugs). Fast forward to my collection which now consists of 12 mugs. So now I am on the hunt for the rest of my collection. I have built my coffee bar shelves and now its time to fill them with all things “Rae Dunn”.




Rea DunnSo moving on here is what I consider the stages of Rae Dunn addiction. First what is Rae Dunn? Where can I buy her products? OMG how many products does she have….?How in the world am I going to collect them all?





Next stage of obsession is where are you going to display all your beautiful obsessive collected items? OMG I need to build a coffee bar, everyone who enters my home needs to see this!!

ray 2Next stage is stalking the mailman waiting for your new Rae Dunn products to arrive. Bet mine is wishing she had a new route that did not include my house (when you are purposely  home when the mailman comes just so you can see if they come today). You open the box….Whoop Whoop they are the most amazing works of art you have ever seen. I will never buy another coffee cup again that is not a Rae Dunn mug. What spell am I under and why is it taking over my control to impulse purchase?


R22Next stage is when you buy everything you can possibly buy, and search out where you can buy more. It’s not crazy to drive two hours to the closest Home Goods store in hopes they have more items to add to your collection? Then you call the stores to see what Rae Dunn products they have in stock.





15Who is Rae Dunn and who do I meet her? I want to be her new BFF and see everything in her line before it comes on the market. Yep its pretty obvious I have no control….I need more.





The minute I hit join on “White Walls” a whole new world opened. If you are military or a military spouse please join and check out their Blog and their Facebook page.



Here are some fellow white wall members Rae Dunn coffee displays….They also share my love of Rae Dunn!!

RD 1 RD2

RD3  RD4

So let me gather myself, contain my excitement about these products and tell you Rae Dunn is well simply amazing….and her products reflect that. They are so  much more than just another coffee mug they are literally a piece of art you want to display for everyone to see. So for those of you who had no idea who Rae Dunn was before reading this article…trust me now that you know I don’t think you will be able to pass up one of her items if you see it now. And then the real fun begins…building your collection of art but hey its art you can actually use so win-win and that rationalized my addiction.

For more info on Rae Dunn Items check out her Facebook page and her site.




6 thoughts on “Rae Dunn Pottery Addiction

    • WendyZock says:

      Rae items can be purchases online from multiple sellers. Only storefronts that sell them besides Rae’s Studio is Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

  1. Jen A. says:

    I love the circular rack (in the third picture) that you used to display mugs and small plates. Where did you purchase that item?

    • WendyZock says:

      Those are mug racks and you can find the smaller version at Hobby Lobby or cost plus world market. Also decor steals, antique farmhouse, painted fox home sometimes have them. Just google metal drain g rack or mug rack. If you can’t find them let me know I will get you a link.

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