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Streamlined & Simple was created by Jessie Ansley and Jen Fogle, both wives and mothers, who shared a passion for finding ways to make everyday life more organized. The business was born when they realized that the products they had created by hand and successfully used for years could be turned into a small business. They design functional stationery. Their collection of paper goods is functional and simplistic in design.


Meet the women behind the scenes!

Jessie and Jen met in 2007. Flash forward ten years and they are now both married with two children. Over their decade of friendship, they had both transitioned from full-time working women to stay-at-home moms. Needless to say, there were a lot of adjustments.

The friends talked a lot about the systems and routines that were working well for them at home. Jen was giving Jessie advice on creating really effective budgets and how to get out of debt quicker. Jessie was giving Jen advice on how to meal plan and to easily create habits for her kids.

Both ladies shared ideas and tips on how to structure their days. This allowed them to more easily manage their homes (chores, finances, scheduling etc) while making sure there was plenty of time for their families. They were also careful to carve out time for themselves – to workout, to enjoy a cup of coffee or to read a good book.

Streamlined & Simple was born when they realized that the products they had created by hand and successfully used for years could be turned into a small business.

Their goal is to provide simple solutions to make everyday life more organized.


Jessie’s skill set lies in simplicity and efficiency. Jessie loves office supply stores and organizing all the things. She focuses her time and energy on productivity and purpose. Jessie enjoys a simple and joyful life with her husband and two sons.





Jen’s skill set lies in finances. To say that she is detail-orientated and well-organized would be an understatement. She is an expert time blocker and quite possibly the best planner out there. Jen enjoys an active and adventurous life with her husband, daughter and son.





Notepad Bundle from $29.00

I love this bundle!! When I went to place an order this had my name all over it. It was a perfect fit for the type of organization I was looking for!

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Innovative and easy to use with a perforated center line to easily separate the sides. The left side is your Menu for the week. The right side is your Shopping List.

They offer both a blank click  here to purchase

And a detailed version click here to purchase

Their Detailed Meal Planners allow you to put your grocery items in the proper location to make shopping more efficient. No more zig-zagging around the store!




This is their smallest notepad, but don’t let its size fool you. This little guy can make a BIG impact on your daily life.

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Their Weekly Notepad is for anyone needing to look at their week at a glance. The left side is for day and time specific events during the course of a week. The right side is for errands and tasks that can be done on any day.

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And they also offer gift cards perfect for the holiday. 2018 is all about getting organized and this is my go to shop for all things planning related! Click here to purchase a gift card


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