Style Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen

Style Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Once you’ve figured that out, ask yourself how much of that time is spent cleaning. If thinking about it is starting to depress you, these tips might be just what you need. The fact is that your kitchen can be much better designed and better organized to make cleaning it a breeze and even to improve its value. Just pay attention to the following.

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What’s the hook?

Where do you keep all the utensils, equipment, and ingredients you need in the kitchen? If the answer is the countertop, then you’re just creating yourself a lot more work. Clutter attracts dust, dirt, and grease, making the clean a much slower affair. Look at some inventive storage solutions, such as using hooks on the interior of your cupboard doors and using vertical space whether that’s through installing magnetic strips for utensils or shelves for your most commonly used garnishes and spices.

Keep it secret

Just like clutter attracts mess, so too do rough, uneven surfaces, gaps, nooks, and crannies. Unfortunately, some of the biggest sources of this headache, in particular, are hard to get rid of. Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers can take a lot of time to clean, but you can reduce that time by reducing how often they need to be cleaned. Hiding your appliances behind cupboard doors not only means you have a barrier between them and the dirt created in the kitchen but also creates a streamlined, consistent appearance that’s very attractive, indeed.

Spotless surfaces

If you’re thinking about remodeling or renovating the kitchen, then changing out your surfaces should already be on your mind. Keep cleanliness at the forefront of your mind. Use this link to see just how efficient surfaces like quartz and granite can be. Surfaces that are resistant to spills and stains often require no more than a wipe to restore them to their spotless sheen. Don’t forget to look at the backsplash, either. They can attract a lot more grease and dirt than you think and because they’re not always in your field of vision, it’s easy to ignore a painted or patterned backsplash that’s getting dirtier and dirtier by the day. Using tiles or other sleek, smooth surfaces can make them much less prone to that problem and easier to clean.

Know where you work

Setting up different stations in the kitchen can help you create storage and trash solutions that are much more efficiently placed. Primarily, you want to look at the kitchen triangle: where you prepare food, where you cook it, and where you wash the dishes. A sink with a garbage disposal already takes care of that zone, but placing receptacles near the other two can make it much easier to clean as you go along, instead of having to constantly traipse to the bin and back.

With the tips above, you will have a kitchen that’s much easier to use in no time. A savvy approach to both organizing and designing the kitchen can save you a whole lot of time so you’re not continuously fighting a tide of clutter, debris, and spills.


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