ST1So I have been busting at the seams to share this company with my readers. I am always looking at her site to see what new products she has to offer and what project she is working on. Jessica is the owner of “Sweet Tea” and a mother of two boys and also a fellow military wife. She is originally from South Carolina but currently stationed in Kansas.

I asked Jessica how she came up with the name “Sweet Tea” for her business and she told me she knew her business would need a southern name because of her love of the South. Her and her hubby tossed around some names and he came up with Sweet Tea and when she heard it she knew that was it. Jess is all about representing the south wherever she may be living.

“Sweet Tea” consists of custom furniture painting, repurposed vintage and antique furniture, and custom home decor.

ST2Jessica has always wanted to be a stay at home mom. She has been so blessed to have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom since her children were born. Now that her children are a little older (4 & 6) she has reached a point where she wants to do her part to help her family financially.

So one day she picked up a small table on the side of the road and thought to herself “Let’s give it a shot”. She sold that table for $20 and as they say the rest was history.


ST6Jessica’s grew up with her grandfather as her “Father figure” and he was a professional painter. She grew up on his coat tails watching and helping every chance she could. So she says most of her creativity and work ethics came from him.



ST9Jessica has never been afraid to get dirty, work hard, and try new things especially in terms of crafting and DIY projects. She considers painting her “happy place” and she offers a variety of custom furniture painting, custom signs, and wreaths.



ST10Like me crafting was never part of her business plan for life, it naturally evolved with a curb find and a pile of reclaimed wood.

Like me Jessica’s crafting as a hobby or business in any form it’s all our PASSION. The biggest challenge for Jess was and still is prioritizing. She has been fully booked for almost 2 years straight now. There was a point where she was overwhelmed. She had so much going on and often as a crafter you are getting pulled in every direction.

ST11There came a point when she was no longer a happy mom or wife. It took a breaking point to realize I needed to step back, breath, and give my worries to God. She learned from that point to create a schedule (& stick to it). Prioritizing and not biting off more than she could chew…(learning to say no). Her family was and will always come first.




Jessica’s decorating and painting style is simple. She always stays true to her personal taste and style. Not what she thinks may sell or what people may like. This works out great, because if a piece doesn’t sell for some reason, it fits right into her house! Win-Win.

ST5She feels most creative when she is in her garage (Which is often full or furniture projects. I asked her what she does when she feels creatively blocked and she responded “I take a break and go look for new pieces. If I’m in a rut, it seems like everything I do doesn’t turn out as planned. So I just break from it for a couple of days and then pick back up! Doesn’t take long”




ST3Jessica like me believes in giving back to the small business community. “When you buy from small businesses you are helping the creators and their families. I have met so many people since Sweet Tea has started…many even know my children by name. You don’t get that kind of connection in a “big box store”. When people buy my work, they know they are helping my family and my dream. And for that I am SO grateful”.

I asked her what her dream job was and she said she is living it, however would like to open a storefront shop one day helping other moms live their dreams through a creative outlet.

So another secret she is a decorating queen. I saw some pictures of her home and instantly was like “tell me your secrets to decorating”.

ST14Her theory is to keep it simple–lots of neutral statement pieces with pops of color that can be changed seasonally. Some of her staples and must have’s in her home are mixing old with new items.




For example she has a set of wooden plantation shutters from the 1800’s and she added a magnolia wreath she purchased from the Magnolia Market. So she likes to mix greenery, floral pieces, ironstone, cotton stems, and old books into her decor.



ST12So as you can see this is one talented girl and I am amazed at what she does and with such grace. She is a wife and a mother and a full-time crafter and for that she should be applauded. Please check out her Facebook page and if you’re looking for a custom order this chick can handle it!






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