Master Bathroom Remodel with

Master Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation 

After a year of planning our Master Bathroom renovation is underway! One thing we have learned with any DIY, is once you start there is no turning back. We are including the before (not so pretty) and the after (pretty…pretty…) We had so much fun working with too curate our master bathroom remodel with our new sinks and faucets to complete this space.

We chose to work with because they have the best selection of home improvement products in every category, trending styles, and unique finishes from top brands. is a great place to purchase products for all of your home improvement products, instead of focusing on one specific category or product. is definitely a one-stop shop when it comes to your home improvement needs. We love that are project experts they offer customer service with live, US-based project experts, via phone, email, or chat 7 days a week. Their customer service agents are trained in every home improvement category so they can confidently help you with whatever your project needs are. You can also work with the same project expert during the duration of your project for future projects. 


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