Vintage Book DIY Tutorial


I just love searching for old vintage books, but as a military wife, we are always on the move. I have such a hard time finding access to vintage items. So I decided to get creative and make my own. I have so many people ask me how I make them, so I decided It would be easier just to do a DIY tutorial to share.

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Erin @cottonstem IG Feature

 I have followed Erin since I started on Instagram a year ago. I feel in love with her feed, her decorating skills and OMG her “She Shed” as she calls it (Photo’s Below). I am so jelly about the little place she has to call her own to work out of. It is amazing and to put it simply just plain perfect. She has some mad skills in terms of decorating as my kids would put it. She has such a beautiful sense of style and grace about her its just mesmerizing. Check out her website and her capsule wardrobe guide she is so much fun to follow.


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Cameo Silhouette: The Secret Access To Fonts & Flourishes

cameoSo recently I figured out something about using my design studio that I was not aware of and it was such an awe this awesome moment. Well to put it simply there is a way to access additional characters and fonts within certain fonts. So without being super confusing I am just going to show you step by step what I figured out and how to access it from a Mac or Windows.




How to Access Additional Fonts and Characters

Ok so first things first go to your search menu on your computer and search Font Book. Down below is how I found it on my Mac.




This is what my font book looks like. As you can see all the fonts are listed on the left. Now not all fonts will have additional goodies. Most of those I have purchased from have all had tons of additional options within each font.


font book

Once you have your Font Book opened you want to make sure you change the view. Go to the view tab and make sure it is set to Repertoire. This will show you all the additional add-ins that are possible to each font.

Now here is one of my favorite fonts “Beauty Love“shown just as is when typed out normally in my Silhouette Design Studio.



Now don’t get me wrong the font is gorgeous and I was super satisfied with it but why not have more options. All the flourishes and options are readily available to you through your font book.

Step-By-Step Directions 

  1. Make sure you have installed the new fonts.
  2. Next open your application folder and search for your font book.
  3. Once open click on the view tab and change or set to Repertoire
  4. Once this is opened you will see your entire font library.
  5. Click on the font you wish to access.
  6. The select the character or letter you wish to use by clicking on it or highlighting it.
  7. Copy the letter by clicking Ctrl + C or click edit and copy.
  8. Go back to your silhouette program and paste that letter into the word.

add ins


See how these letters have hooks coming off each individual letter. Now I copied and pasted the “C” and the “Y” to give my original phrase a little character.




Now you will have to click on your phrase and delete the letter you wish to change like in the phrase I typed out I had to delete the C and the Y and copy and paste the letters with the hooks.




I have been using my Silhouette software for years now and I never knew about all the additional hidden fonts within the fonts. Capital letters, flourishes, hooks so amazing. It will change how you design and give you access to so many more options. Hope this helped and if you have any questions or issues leave them in the comment section.

DIY Rag Wreath

mainSo I just love to make wreaths and for me the process can actually be quite relaxing. I am not going to lie it takes tons of patience, tons of fabric, and your hands may hate you when you are done but the end product is amazing and something that you will be proud of. I like to make wreaths when I am sitting on the couch watching T.V. or winding down. I can just throw the fabric on the bed in piles and accomplish something even on my down time. It can be a very inexpensive craft (look for fabric on sale) and basically pretty easy even a novice crafters can do it.

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Dixie Paint Product Review Project

dixie photoI recently had the pleasure of trying some samples of Dixie Belle Paint, and I have to admit I am loving it!!! This product can be used on so many surfaces such as woods, metal, glass, laminate, ceramic and wait for it…..even FABRIC!!! I will tell you up front this is one of the easiest paints I have worked with.


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Farmhouse Style Decorating for Spring

ABCI recently wrote this article for White Walls and wanted to share with my readers as well. Check out their site at

I am so in love with Farmhouse decor….and  you may be asking yourself “What exactly is farm-house decor?” Well in my eyes it’s shiplap walls, big porches, picket fences, and lots of brown, burlap, and neutral color palettes. It’s light, it’s airy, and it feels like home.

If you are anything like me and you spend your T.V. time watching Chip and Joanna transform houses for deserving couples..yearning for a home that looks like something out of a scene from a magazine. Most days I leave my house and wish when I come home my house will be replaced with a little adorable farmhouse. Now first I must say I do like my home but the “farm girl” in me is ready to bust out and get back to her roots. I have always wanted a farm to grow old on. Raise kids, grand-babies (one day far far and away) and just craft my days away while watching my goats jump around (one day I will have goats, husband mark my words). Continue reading


ST1So I have been busting at the seams to share this company with my readers. I am always looking at her site to see what new products she has to offer and what project she is working on. Jessica is the owner of “Sweet Tea” and a mother of two boys and also a fellow military wife. She is originally from South Carolina but currently stationed in Kansas.

I asked Jessica how she came up with the name “Sweet Tea” for her business and she told me she knew her business would need a southern name because of her love of the South. Her and her hubby tossed around some names and he came up with Sweet Tea and when she heard it she knew that was it. Jess is all about representing the south wherever she may be living. Continue reading

Life Hacks

lifeIf you are anything like me you see Facebook posts or SOMETHING on pinterest and you thinking “man that’s a good idea”. here is a compilation of those head shaking idea that have you saying “i should have THOUGHT of that”. Simple life hacks that can make every day a little easier.

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KRylon product review

DIY sea glass

Krylon® Glass Paints add a colorful touch to any glass surface. This decorative finish (Sea Glass) Stained quickly transformed this old frame glass to gorgeous in a matter of minutes. I also used the Waterfall Chalky Finish Spray on the wooden part of the frame. It quickly transformed something old into something new. Krylon® Glass Paints are available in a wide range of colors that allow you to add creativity and personality to your home decor. Make sure you prep your item beforehand by thoroughly washing and drying entire surface, this will ensure a smooth finish.

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DIY Vintage Sewing Bag

DIy Vintage CCCThis vintage inspired sewing bag is so adorable and has a shabby chic feel. You can truly transform this project and make it into your own just through your choice of fabric. By choosing a homespun fabric you make it look more primitive. You could also tea -stain some muslim and add lace to give it more of an antique look. By simply changing the fabric you can transform this to look aged or look new depending on your preference. So many options, sew little time.

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