Artisan Craft: Where Does Wood Fit Into Your Home?

Artisan Craft: Where Does Wood Fit Into Your Home?

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Wood has long been one of the most popular building materials people have to work with. It’s strong, versatile, and it literally grows on trees, making it far more affordable than a lot of the other materials on the market. When someone has the right skills, beautiful things can be done with a piece of the stuff, and this can have a dramatic impact on your home. Of course, though, where exactly does wood fit into a modern building?

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Making Your Home Warm This Coming Winter


Making Your Home Warm This Coming Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and now that the cold weather is starting to kick in, a lot of us are thinking of ways to keep warm this winter – ideally without costing a fortune in heating bills.

The seasons would appear to be getting more and more pronounced, with more extreme weather hitting our shores on a yearly basis – the occurrence of sweltering summers and winter storms are showing a much more distinct contrast than in previous decades.  As summer was so hot this year, in most parts of the world, it tends to mean that we’re in for a particularly cold winter – so it’s time to batten down the hatches and find ways to make your house warm and cosy this year.

This article looks at three areas in which you can make your house warmer and more energy efficient this winter:



Interestingly, whilst we all know the majority of heat is lost through the roof, the place we tend to feel the cold the most is through our feet.  Imagine walking on a cold stone floor on a cold winter’s morning and you’re instantly transported to that feeling of reluctance to even get out of bed, let alone, go about your day.

It’s therefore important, in terms of keeping warm and insulated, that you invest in some decent carpet and thick insulation that is not only soft and spongy to walk on, but it also much warmer for your feet and your entire house.

You might want to check out to find some of the best carpet brands for homeowners looking to kep the heat within their homes this winter.

In the alternative, if there are rooms where carpet isn’t appropriate, such as a kitchen, you might want to invest in some underfloor heating – or simply buy a pair of cosy slippers.



The heat we lose though the cracks between the windows and doors in our home is considerable.  Of course, there has to be a gap, otherwise you would be living in an airlock and unable to get in or out of your home — but there are things you can do to prevent this gap being a source of escape for all the heat that’s generated within your home.

In addition to installing double glazing or triple glazing you want to have some thick curtains and draft excluders around your doors and windows in order to keep the heat from escaping out the cracks.



The last, but most important aspect is that you ensure there is plenty of loft insulation – as we all know heat rises and escapes through the roof.  It’s therefore a good idea to consider whether your insulation needs upgrading, replacing or repairing in certain areas in order to keep as much heat into your house as possible.  Also, don’t forget the walls, in that if you are building an extension for instance, you will want to ensure the walls have plenty of insulation to keep the heat in.