The Curated Farmhouse Spring Subscription Box 

Spring Subscription Box

I have been wanting to do some type of subscription box for awhile now and I am so excited about my first one. This Spring box celebrates smalls shops run by some of the most amazing makers on Instagram. I have worked side by side with these individuals and it is my pleasure to introduce each one to you, and tell you a little about each one.

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Decor Steals & Bits Of Vintage Decor Deals

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that there are a few company’s that I love to work with and am a loyal customer to. Bits of Vintage and Decor Steals are my top two!

Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage are sister shops so to speak. Let me give you a quick rundown of each.

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Wednesday Decor Steals Deals

Ok guys you guys know by now that I love Decor Steals and Bits of Vintage (their sister company.) Every day they post new deals and you have access to them until they sell out (which is often the case.). So if you see something you have to jump on it fast before its gone. I Literally check their site every day at 10 AM. So todays steals are just too amazing not to share with  you. Click the link under each item to grab it. Bonus only $5 shipping per item.

Scalloped Metal Hanging Trays

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Brittany from @ourblessedlittlenest








So excited to share Brittany’s IG story from @ourblessedlittlenest. I love sharing background stories on my IG friends and she was one of the first people to purchase a sign off me on Instagram and she is just a doll!  Continue reading

Build You Dream Home Wherever You Are


We all have some sort of vision of what we would love to incorporate into our “Dream Homes”. I have boards and boards on Pinterest of all the rooms and designs I would love in my imaginary “someday” home. So I started thinking “How can I make some of these a reality?” and that’s what I am doing one day at a time. So I thought I would share my mindset and help other people  shape their visions into reality.



I find so much importance of adding my own style, vision, and sign into each and every space of my home. Sometimes I may need a little help to reach each vision…White walls and Instagram help with that more often than not.




Your Home Your Space

No one knows what you envision you have for your space. We each have our own personal style and look we want to achieve. For some people decorating comes easily for others it can be a struggle. So here are a few ideas to help guide you in the right direction in terms of how to make your dream home a reality.

Gather Your Ideas for Vision

My best outlet for looking for ideas is Pinterest and Instagram as I mentioned above. Sometimes I will even sketch out an idea, create floor plans, and pin, pin, pin away. What kind of finishes, fixtures, and color schemes are you drawn to? Once you start answering those questions you will have a little more direction in terms of designs.




It’s in the Details

Once you figure out the big stuff you can move on the fun part. Furniture, paint, and home decor. I love decorating to my core all the choices of rugs, lamps, curtains, art, everything that you need to make your house a home. I always say go shopping even if it is “window shopping”. Look for accessories and make goals for different spaces in your home. You want your home to reflect your personal style and to be something you love and feel comfortable in.




Your Living Space

I consider this area where you spend most of your time (besides the kitchen). For most this is your living room. One secret is to find the focal point for that room. What do people see when they walk in that room? What are there eyes drawn to? For us that would be our fireplace. So you want to emphasize this area and compliment it. This for you may be a large window or wall and

A room’s focal point is its most emphasized feature. It’s the thing your eyes are naturally drawn to when you walk into the room. And everything around the focal point compliments it. If your focal point is a large wall then paint it, add a bigger piece of art , a mirror, or a shelving unit. Just avoid clutter your guests eyes are already drawn to that area try not to make it “too busy”.




Your Bedroom

You spend about a third of your day in your bedroom so make it count! Spring for nice bedding not only that looks good but is comfortable (it will make the world of difference). You can also paint the room to change the look of the space. If you can’t paint all of it, go for an accent wall. Next add curtains and accent pillows to give a little design to the room. I love getting creative when it comes to building new beds, using old doors, pallet wood beds, or making a fabric headboard all while staying within a budget.




Be Brave

You don’t have to make sure everything matches avoid buying things in sets. You don’t want lifeless and generic decor. Your style needs to shine through which may mean picking items up along the way and not in a one stop shopping trip. Balance your accents with your furniture and space. Try to avoid over decorating and placing too much in a little space.




Be Practical

Little and big projects are in your near future if you are working toward a dream space. Sometimes a little paint is all you need to freshen your kitchen cabinets. Update hardware on your furniture and fixtures to bring them back to life. Replace lighting fixtures with some new update ones (loving these ones from Lowe’s). I could do an entire post on lighting so I will just say shop around there are so many options.




You don’t have to buy everything at once. Keep your eye out for local furniture deals at thrift stores. If you are eyeing a particular piece of furniture then watch for sales. You will know that perfect piece when you see it so maximize savings when you can. If you see something that draws at your heart-strings and it is a one of a kind piece buy it (or you will kick yourself later).




Just remember wherever you are is home so do your best to make it a place you feel comfortable. You can do this on a budget you just have to hunt for those one of a kind items when and where you can. Also get creative up-cycle free furniture and give it life. Be creative by making pallet furniture pieces. The possibilities are endless just do a little research online and you will be on your way to your dream home.

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Also a huge thank you to Lucy @theprettynest follow her on Instagram she is marvelous!



All About Your Kitchen


If your anything like me and on the move every few years, its sometimes necessary to get creative in terms of decorating your kitchen. As military families we are often limited to the changes we are allowed to make while renting (so I have learned how to be creative). You can transform a rancher style house into a cape cod theme if you make the right decisions in terms of decorating. (Photo from Pinterest)






We all have our wish lists for our “forever” homes when our hubby’s retire and we settle down in once place (for more than 2 seconds lol). Our butcher block countertops, shiplap walls, farmhouse sink, and the list goes on for me anyways. I even have a “Forever Home” board on my Pinterest lol!! Someday (a girl can wish can’t she?). So until then for those of you in the same boat as me here are some tips to brighten and lighten up your kitchen space.


It’s funny how making a few key changes can completely revamp your kitchen space. For our family hr kitchen is the “heart” of our home. It is where we share stories about our days, and we come together (if for only those few minutes) each night. For me a kitchen should be a happy and comfortable place, but also somewhere that you can have fun making a mess in. (Photo from



The first thing I do when we move in each new home is to put up some kind of window decor. Whether that be a window shade, curtains, or a valance. I love pops of color and this is a perfect place to express your style. The patterns and fabric choices are endless just make sure you are allowing for all that natural light to come in. You want to maximize your light in your kitchen it can open up your whole room. (Photo from



Paint you cabinets (if you are allowed)

Most places  you rent the landlords are all about improvement (sorry for those of you in base housing this probably isn’t an option). I love white cabinets but that is not for everyone so be creative and switch things up. You can always paint your upper cabinets a different color then your bottom cabinets. This gives the whole kitchen character and you will love the end result for sure.




Lighting can make or break your kitchen. I say the bigger the better in terms of light fixtures you want something that will brighten up the entire room. Update outdated light fixtures and you will be amazed with how much it can change your view on the space.



I am all for tile or back splash when revamping a kitchen. It is decorative and well plain and simply gorgeous. You have so many choices in this area as well. You can go with something simple with a farmhouse feel, or be super creative and throw in some color. Subway tiles are one of my favorite choices and offer a different look then a more traditional back splash.





You may or may not have a kitchen island. If you don’t have one but have the space to add one this is where it gets fun. You can make or have a custom island made (to match your lower cabinets) which will may everything look cohesive. If you don’t have the space for a huge island there are tons of options like a rolling cart or and old antique piece you can up-cycle into an island.



Seating is key to adding character. You can have fun and add in different chairs mix and match for your dining table or your bar stool area for your island. You want cute but don’t forget comfort as well. I love adding vintage chairs (you can paint any color to fit your decorating theme). You can also recover any fabric that may need a new look. (Photo Pinterest)




What would a kitchen be without a little shiplap. Now you may not be able to go all out and do the entire room, but maybe you can swing an accent wall? Even having just a little will help you scream farmhouse.



Last but not least one of my favorite changes that can be made is changing out a typical pantry door with an old antique door or even a glass door. This helps you add charm and stay organized (you don’t want a messy pantry for your guest to see win-win).

Long story short is just be creative…think outside the box make the changes you can make even if they are temporary changes). Even the simplest of changes can transform and entire room for the better. Happy hunting for those perfect accents and most of all have fun decorating.

Find Your Farmhouse at Hobby Lobby

So as I make the transition, from primitive decor (dark color scheme) to a farmhouse look, I have been searching high and low for the perfect accent pieces. There is something about the farmhouse look that feels clean and refreshing. I am not sure if it the white, ivory, the wood color palette, or just the simplicity of it.





I find farmhouse decor charming, it reminds me of a simpler lifestyle. I also love that you can mix old antique items with modern decor. Everywhere I look, whether it is Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, I am seeing farmhouse styles burning up my feeds.



I found these adorable chalkboards in craft section of Hobby Lobby. I stained the wood and painted on a few phrases. Easy to add a little touch to give a farmhouse feel to any find.

My closest Hobby Lobby to me has been about 2 hours away, until a new location open up (within a mile from my home) last week. I have always loved Hobby Lobby they have so much of well let’s be honest EVERYTHING!!!

So this article is to share some ideas of how I incorporated my Hobby Lobby finds into my new farmhouse style. For some people decorating comes easy and for others I hope this is a little bit of inspiration to push you in the right direction of where to start. Here are some tips to help you achieve that warm farmhouse feel in your home, with a simple trip to your closest Hobby Lobby.


White, Cremes, and Natural Tones

Regardless of your budget this is easy to achieve by keep your palette with whites, cremes, even grays. Farmhouse style is simple and clean so try to stick with neutral tones (you can add color in your decorative accents). I spent all weekend painting my black end tables to white. It instantly transformed my room from dark and dreary to a lighter feeling, and I love it.



Taking it back to the old days I use candles and very low-lighting. You want to maximize your natural light and still allow for lighting when you need it. I love lanterns and industrial hanging lights. Be on the look out for an old chandelier (don’t worry about color it is all cosmetic and can be transformed into a one of a kind piece). This lamp is a simple way to add farmhouse lighting to any room of your home. You can find it and similar items at Hobby Lobby this retails for $79.99 (Use  40% off Coupon if not on sale).


Incorporating Quilts, Color, & Fabrics


Nothing says farmhouse like quilts, they are gorgeous, warm, and inviting. You can find so many ways to display your quilts whether it be a ladder display or metal baskets perfectly placed in your living area. I have always loved blankets you will always find them draped behind my sitting areas. I want to ensure me and my guests can snuggle up and get warm whenever we have a minute to do so.

Cotton is my go-to (in terms of fabric) simple stripes or check patterns work perfectly for the farmhouse look. In my house I am adding some cool pops of color (such as pink and teal) with my neutral palette. I also love succulents, cotton stems, and greenery. (the greens pop well with all the whites and ivory colors) Adding accent pillows can be a good way to add color also. I love to mix and match fabrics and accents like a variety of pillows or blankets. This throw from Hobby Lobby Retails for $36.99.


Wood Accent Furniture


This sign was $5 on clearance at my hobby lobby and it was a perfect little wood accent for my end table.

Wood tables, benches, chairs, stools are the staple to a farmhouse look they help warm up any space you are trying to fill.

I picked up this Basswood Thick Country Round is a beautiful, natural bark with a smooth front and back. As you can see I used a glass bottomless hurricane purchased from Hobby Lobby to display on top of my bark round. Since it has no bottom is very easy to fill with vase fillers. This bark retails for $PRICE and the Glass Hurricane Retails for $ and the vase filler as shown retails for $9.99.


This brown wood plank tray is gorgeous and retails for $39.99 but on sale goes for as little as $20.00.



I bought this little wooden box for $4 on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I added some moss and spray painted these little bottles I found in glass section to match my lamps.



(Stems can also be found at Magnolia Market if you cannot find at local Hobby Lobby

I adore cotton in any form especially when used to decorate a home. In most pictures of farmhouse decor you will see a cotton wreath or cotton picks lingering. I have been searching for both for months looking through Etsy but had a hard time committing to some of the prices.

I came across this Cotton Wreath and a 6-foot cotton garland at my latest trip to Hobby Lobby. I nearly screamed in the aisle (literally I am pretty sure I was talking to myself saying “Score” and doing the happy dance).





I unwrapped the garland into individual stems, so I could use it in multiple decor pieces throughout my house.




This was a major find for me and it stopped me in my tracks for sure. I used a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon for both on separate days. The garland retailed for $59.00 with coupon I paid $25.99. The wreath retailed for $39.99 with coupon I paid $23.00. Major saving from prices online. I was able to get 15 cotton picks off the garland.

Industrial Accents

I have been obsessed with the industrial look over the last few months. We have a friend who made us the metal piping and flanges for our new shelving unit and I just love them. I think metal looks awesome with the natural tones and the woodwork in our home. If I could put these shelves in every room of my house I would (Hey that’s a great idea I may just do that). The photos below are pictures of my new coffee bar and my shelves in my guest bathroom.




Hobby Lobby also sells many industrial type shelving and furniture accents. Check your local store or online for more options and pricing. This shelf below retails for $49.99 however on sale it is as low as $25.00.



I love these metal baskets I use them to store my extra blankets and antique vintage items for display. Hobby Lobby has a variety of metal baskets varying in price. Check out your local store or online for pricing.




Unfortunately with our military lifestyle I have not yet created my dream farmhouse kitchen (but one day I will). I truly believe the kitchen is the heart of any home. In a traditional farmhouse the kitchen brings people together.

Keep it simple with neutral tones, while adding in those perfect eclectic furnishings. I yearn for the farmhouse sink, white cabinets, plank walls, and butcher-block countertops. You can add in pot racks to incorporate some metal into your kitchen decor. Open shelving with white china accents will help you achieve a genuine farmhouse look and help you to display all those perfect pieces. I have added these pieces from Hobby lobby into my kitchen area.

This farmhouse fresh sign is adorable and adds character to any kitchen decor. Retails for $11.99.



This kitchen plank sign is simple and charming. This retails for $12.50. 


I am embracing the minimalistic farmhouse look it feels lighter and looks so pretty. All these looks can be achieved on a budget and you can put your own spin on them. White has become my go-to color lately and I am so excited to share it with you!

Check out your local hobby lobby and if you don’t have one close to you check out their website for great deals.

P.S. Don’t forget there is usually always a 40% off coupon online ( I may go a few times a week to get all the items I want that are not on sale) or on you mobile device. So sign up for Hobby Lobby emails and check your coupon link before you go. Plus most of the store items are usually on sale and if something you want is not on sale this week it may be next week so stay on the look out.