Create a Vintage Look in These Four Rooms of Your Home

The 4 Rooms That Can Create a Vintage Look in Your Home

There’s something genuinely charming about creating a vintage decor at home. It can make you feel as if you were traveling to the past! However, if you want to maintain your lifestyle and your comfort, you need to be careful about how to implement the vintage finish. Ultimately, you might want a room to look a little old-fashioned, but it should never be too old or tatty to fulfill its purpose. In other words, while it’s fun to have an antiquated look in the bathroom, the last thing you want to deal with is the danger of the old plumbing system! That’s why you have to put your thinking cap on when it comes to adding a stylish vintage touch to some of your favorite rooms. From classic wallpaper in the entryway to period painting in the study, there are numerous options to bring some vintage feel at home. But, there are only 4 rooms that can sustain a fully old-fashioned decor!

Are you ready for retro?

The heart of the house: The kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in your household. It brings everybody together, day after day, with delicious meals. It’s never a good idea to go back to old appliances – as they might be unsafe or energy-inefficient. But you can create the vintage feel and look by bringing a rustic vibe. Wooden worktops can dramatically transform a modern kitchen and throw it into the past! Be careful to pick colors that will match your decor, either light woods for bright kitchen or dark wood to complement rich decors.


Decadent luxury in the bathroom

Contrary to the common belief, you can mix sophisticated and modern appliances with old materials. For instance, there is nothing more dramatic than a walk-in shower with a classic marble wall. You can get in touch with professional bathroom remodelers to discuss options and prices. Traditional stone finishes – whether marble or granite – can create a gorgeous style.


Give your guests some retro entertainment

The introduction of smart home solutions and digital entertainment units seems to have forever transformed the style of the living room. But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re not one for a futuristic look, you can tap into the glorious 1960s and 1970s decors to give a playful retro feel to the room. Don’t be shy, the more colors, the better it will be! To harness the retro vibe, you should focus your attention on accent colors – through your furniture – and a toned-down wall decor, through paint or even a tasteful wallpaper. Don’t be tempted to mix bold patterns together; less is more with the retro interior.


Get everyone around the table for dinner

Last, but not least, the dining room deserves a little freshen up! If you’ve visited a historic mansion in the past, you’ve probably noticed that the dining area was inviting and elegant. Find inspiration in the designs of the past – why not start with a proper farmhouse table? These long and sturdy tables were especially useful for family gatherings, which makes it an excellent choice if you’ve got a large family!

A farmhouse table and a rug can make a room

The art of making vintage a part of your everyday life requires both dedicated attention to details and the ability to mix elements of the past and the present stylishly. Your kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining areas are the best places to start creating your timeless interior!


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