The Perfect Pond For Any Garden

The Perfect Pond For Any Garden

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Every garden deserves a pond. This little patch of water might seem completely unnecessary but, in fact, it is a massive bonus for visiting wildlife and will bring a new sense of calm to your garden. Even a small garden can benefit from a water feature of some kind!

But what is stopping your cute little feature from becoming a slimy, bug-ridden mess? With a little bit of planning and care, you can avoid pond-mageddon and keep your water just right for the garden. This may be a garden challenge but with the right technique, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Location, Size and Depth

When you are choosing the location of your pond, you should, ideally, go for a flatter part of your garden. This will make digging a bit easier! One of the main mistakes people make when they dig out ponds is to create steep sides. Ledging is much better as this makes a space for plants and will look much nicer when the ecosystem settles and the water clears.


The depth of your pond is not necessarily to do with the size. Koi are quite happy to live in fairly small ponds but need a good 3 feet depth of water in order to survive and thrive. You may even wish to go a little deeper, especially if you have a larger area to dedicate to your pond.

Oxygen and Filtration

Oxygen is a really important component of any pond – both plants and fish require it to grow healthily and be happy. Getting the right levels of oxygen in a pond can be tricky if you are relying on nature and don’t have a fresh spring filling up your pond. Luckily a pump like the Shinmaywa submersible pump will do all the hard work for you and help to filter the water as well as push it into fountains or create small falls.


Creating a tiny waterfall in a stepped pond is quite easy. All you need to do is create a slightly higher level and then arrange boulders to direct the water into the lower pond. As the water falls, it will naturally add oxygen to the pond through bubbles. This process has the added advantage of being one of the most relaxing sounds there is.


This video is a great step by step guide:


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Happy Plants

All ponds should have some plants as they will limit the amount of algae growth and should help to clear the water nicely. If you are planning to keep some fish, the plants will also provide some shelter and hiding spaces for when birds of prey come calling.


Of course, the best reason to add plants is the color and beauty they bring to your water feature. Try adding a few different types of plants and use the levels you have created to guide your judgement.


You see? That perfect pond wasn’t so difficult after all!


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