Understanding Metal Stair Railings by Type

Understanding Metal Stair Railings by Type


The hand railing you choose for your stairs will have a lot to say for safety. Moreover, custom-made stair rail designs make a statement about your property. They introduce the visitor to your business and help them set expectations about your service.

The first question people often ask is how to choose the railing material. Some businesses choose commercial stairs in Melbourne made of wood railings, but these are few and far spaced. Wood does not offer the kind of durability that you will get from metal railings.

Metal stair railings are associated with dependability and strength. They will also be easy to maintain. They come in the following types:

Stainless steel

If you want your business to have a modern look, pick stainless steel for the railing. It offers a clean, exciting, and polished look making it perfect for outdoor and indoor uses. Stainless steel does not corrode. It is made from combining chromium and steel.

The railing will be made with cables, pipes, and tubes, but each will be customised for the business. The installation will demand other appliances or features made of the metal to complement the stair design.

In terms of the finish, your choices abound. Most people pick muted satin finishes to reduce the shine of the railings.



If you are looking for a stair railing you can afford, mostly as a growing business; aluminum presents an excellent choice. The metal naturally resists corrosion and will work both in the indoors and outdoors. The stair railings will have excellent weight to strength ratio, but they can also serve light installations.

Aluminium railings are finished with muted satin, paint or polished. If you opt for the glossy finish, budget for regular maintenance. Muted satin will hide fingerprints and paint will allow you to match a style.


Brass is a copper and zinc alloy. The combination provides several choices around colour ranging from yellow and gold to brown and red. Brass has found popularity with businesses that need an elegant look.

The metal brings a timeless classic look to any property. You will need to budget for care so that the railing does not tarnish.


Copper has a warm and vibrant look that it brings to any railing. It is mostly used for indoor applications but works just as well in the outdoors.

Choose copper if your business is located in affluent neighbourhoods. The railings start with a reddish or golden brown hue. Due to exposure and time, they get a green patina that will protect the stair from rust. Copper has anti-microbial features that will keep everyone healthy.

Wrought Iron

Artisans and builders have always preferred wrought iron. The metal has elegant finishes that can be decorated to fit a design scheme. The material offers you strength and durability, lasting for years.

Wrought iron railings will often have a matte finish, but some people opt for silver or gold hues. If your business has a minimalist feel to it, wrought iron is the way to go.

When choosing the type of metal for your stair railings think about maintenance. Some metals will demand a higher maintenance budget than others. Consider also any preferences you might have. Custom designs will allow you to stand out from other businesses.