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VP 2VetsPrevail is a leader in digital behavioral health and resilience building. The program serves as a critical first step for veterans struggling with mental health issues and readjustment to life post-deployment. VetsPrevail provides online care that is personalized to each individual’s unique clinical needs and demographics through a combination of peer coaching, online communities, and interactive lessons.



U.S. Navy Veteran and CEO Richard Gengler saw firsthand the need for mental health resources in the military. The result was VetsPrevail, built-in partnership with the National Science Foundation and shown in multiple clinical trials to deliver clinical results similar to face-to-face interventions but at 1% of the cost.

vet gaveMore than 30,000 veterans have used VetsPrevail’s structured programs to help them overcome a host of mental health issues ranging from depression to PTSD to substance abuse. Still more veterans use VetsPrevail’s online community for 24/7 support – 85,000 visits last year.



In its latest randomized control trial conducted in partnership with Rush University and Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, VetsPrevail demonstrated clinical effectiveness equivalent to face-to-face therapy in reducing the symptoms of depression and PTSD. Users also showed significantly greater willingness to seek additional care for mental illness.

VP 1Prevail’s personalized digital programs build mental resilience with a combination of peer coaching, online communities and interactive training in a gaming-like environment for an uparalleled level of engagement. Users have access to online assessments, peer coaching, personalized training, and an online community.

The online assessments offer clinical and demographic assessments allow us to personalize programs for each user. Peer coaching offer live support from coaches who identify users’ needs, build trust, and improve the user’s readiness to act. Personalized training offers an engaging, interactive training tailored to each users’ clinical and demographic assessment.Finally the online community is a way to connect individuals facing and overcoming some of the same challenges.

vetI visited the site and found it to be very user-friendly. I think this is a great way for Veterans who are struggling with depression or PTSD . Many soldiers view asking for help as a sign of weakness. We have to many veterans struggling and having an online resources at your disposal is priceless. Adjusting to life after combat can be hard for anyone and it is to be expected. Most people do not feel comfortable admitting something is wrong and asking for help. This online support system is perfect for those who aren’t ready to ask for help from their medical providers.

Vets Prevail is anonymous, self-paced, and a very personalized service, which helps you begin to face your PTSD. What I think is awesome there is always someone available to help you if you need it, It is very easy to register, create a profile, and take the online assessments. The assessments will allow Vet Prevail to tailor your program to your specific symptoms.

vet1Once you’ve finished the assessments the system generates a personalized program for you. This program is based around chatting with Certified Peer Specialists, and a series of interactive lessons designed by experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As you move through these lessons, there are a variety of tools and exercises that help to explain the information and clarify exactly how to apply the CBT methods in your daily life. In addition to the program itself, you can chat with the Peers, who are all Veterans themselves, at any point. There is also a community, which allows you to engage with other Veterans who are using the program and has over 20,000 questions and answers from other Veterans about the issues that we all face. Once you graduate from the programs, you have the option to take on other roles to help the Veterans in the program behind you.
Along with the program, everything you do in it allows you to earn points. These points can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, and you can earn up to $75 for completing all of the available programs.

vet2This support is entirely based online, and is completely anonymous. However if requested Vet prevails has the ability to connect Veterans with in person counseling.



If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, PTSD, or mental illness please visit Vets Prevail for veterans support today.


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