Vintage Book DIY Tutorial


I just love searching for old vintage books, but as a military wife, we are always on the move. I have such a hard time finding access to vintage items. So I decided to get creative and make my own. I have so many people ask me how I make them, so I decided It would be easier just to do a DIY tutorial to share.


Vintage Book DIY

Step 1:

Search for some books at a local thrift store. I can usually find them for under $2.00 each. If you search Goodwill find out what day their colored stickers go on sale for the books so you can avoid paying full price.



Step 2:

Get out the sander or sand paper. I use a handheld sander and rough up all the edges and even the book pages. I take sander over the entire book focusing on edges and bind of book. ( You can even remove the entire cover of the book as seen in photo 4).





Step 3:

Stain the Book pages.

At this point you need to make your pages look old so you need to stain them. I am an avid coffee drinker so I just save my left over coffee (cooled down) and use a pitcher to pour over the pages or take a paint brush and run down all edges of the paper. Be sure to let dry outside or in a warmer area for at least 24-48 hours. I often place them on a cookie sheet to keep coffee from drained pages.






   Let air dry for 24-48 hours


Step 4:

Take some sharp scissors and run down the book pages (carefully, we would like to have no one be harmed in the making of this DIY). This gives the pages a rough, torn, aged look.


   Sharp Scissors


   Run down the book pages to roughen them



Step 5:

Take some twine and wrap around the books 2-3 times vertically and horizontally. The tie a bow at the top.




Be Creative.

You can always cover the books with old  music pages or wrapping paper that matches your season or decor. I would lightly sand the edges of the book with hand-held sandpaper. Then once they are sanded you can take a paint brush and dip in coffee or tea and lightly run over the pages to give a worn and vintage appearance to the books. I love to make them look aged and worn don’t be afraid to rough them up.

I love how my friend Jaclyn  @onethousandoaks styles her vintage books and look how adorable her plaid paper covering is 


  Photo Credit @onethousandoaks


  Photo Credit @onethousandoaks


You can even pound a hanger into the back and place the books directly on your wall.



I love using old books in every room of my house. They are a staple in my farmhouse decor and fun and easy to make. Can wait to see your DIY Books. Please tag me in your photos on Instagram @coffeecraftsandchaos



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