Vintage Market Days Haul

Vintage Market Days Haul

I am just girl who loves to buy all “the things.” Put me in an open air market in the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter and I am one happy shopper. The live music and food trucks at VMD are just a bonus, next to all the vintage decor.

I remember going to my very first Vintage Market Days in Kansas City a few years ago and I was hooked! Vintage Market days is a carefully curated market. The vendors spend days building their booths, and you will not leave disappointed. It is everything you have searched for (vintage, chippy, decor). Whether you are looking for it is under one roof, or maybe two depending on the market! Did you know there are over 69 different VMD Locations. You can click here and find a market near you!

Most locations have not one but two markets a year! I have purchases everything from the perfect vintage hutch to shoe-forms and gorgeous architectural salvage! I vow to one day bring home  a buffet table, linen armoire, and a bakers rack! There is so much to find and fall in love with at each VMD. They have vendors from all around the US and they bring it! But enough with my chatting about VMD let me show you some of my favorite finds!

So I have a few collections that seem to continue to grow. These shoe forms are definitely one of my obsessions by far. See all those vintage brushes….another obsession. See the pattern here….it always starts with one and then before you know it I end up with 20!

Amber Bottles are another favorite find from all my VMD travels. From Asheville to OKC, to Vegas and Dallas, I have so many amazing finds. I love to use these in the Fall months and I even incorporated them into my Summer decor this year.


Give me a clock or 30 and I am in vintage heaven. I think I have about 40 mini clocks in my collection and I still search for more!  I also spy a few more shoe forms!

So in this photo you can see a pair of vintage balusters, clocks, and shoe forms.

These tobacco basket lids are one of my favorite finds. I love to add them to my gallery walls!

I have a thing for vintage mirrors and old book stacks. Ok…Ok…I have a thing for a lot of things lol that is becoming more apparent as I write this blog article lol!

Vintage Spindles come in so many sizes they are fun to layer on a shelf or in a basket or crate!

Everything from old pots, to oil cans, brushes, bottles, books and more shoe forms in this vintage cabinet I picked up at the Dayton VMD.

I have a very recent obsession with vintage hats. My search will continue for  the perfect ones for an upcoming gallery wall…so keep and eye out!


I picked up these pots and the cabinet from my friend Beth at Olde Time Marketplace. Her booth is amazing and her shop in Madison Indiana is even more breathtaking.

I picked up these milk glass vases at Vintage Market Days of Oklahoma City!

The Metal taper Candlesticks were a find from Vintage Market Days of Memphis!


This painting barely made in home in my suitcase in one piece! This was one of those things that just called to me and I know I needed it in my life! This was a score from Vintage Market Days of Dallas-McKinney!

This vintage doctors bag was another amazing deal. It was only $25 and it was love at first sight! I found this at Vintage Market Days of Las Vegas! I also found this crock and old metal scoop as well as that scale sitting on the window ledge!

How adorable is this little metal Farm Boy, Farm Girl stand? I absolutely love it! I found this at VMD Memphis!

These handing shoe forms and crate are also amazing finds!

Thee vintage briefcase is one of my favorite all time VMD scores!

I picked u this scoop and vintage tea towel at another VMD. It’s the little things that can sometimes truly bring a space full-circle.


The bread board was a VMD Dayton find along with the mashers and old graters!


I am sure I could share another 30 photos but you get the picture. VMD has some amazing vendors and vintage decor. Check and see if there is one near you! Stay tuned for my next VMD haul at the end of the Fall shows!







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