Walmart Beauty Box…Are they Worth It?

WMBI’m sure you probably thought the same thing I did when I saw the word Wal-Mart and beauty subscription together: WHAT? As weird as it sounds Wal-Mart and Target have beauty subscription boxes! This article will talk about what I received in my last Wal-Mart Beauty Box in detail and let you know my opinion on if they’re hot or not.



First of all I personally subscribe to many beauty boxes and I receive the Wal-Mart beauty box (I am working on getting the Target box once it becomes available again). Both boxes are quarterly subscription boxes so you receive one box every 3 months (Spring ,Summer, Fall and Winter).

SBBEach box contains items that fit the season, for example summer will include something like sunscreen and winter may have a lotion for dry skin. BUT the best part is the cost! The Wal-Mart box is only $5 and Target is $7. You like me probably think this is too good to be true (but I swear that is the cost). Now there is a catch, you receive samples of beauty products not full size. The idea behind the box is to send multiple samples and coupons for you to try products, and then review on the store website. Unlike most beauty boxes, you receive more than 5 items! Pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

To give you a better understanding of what you can expect to receive in the Wal-Mart beauty box, I will show you what I received in my last box (as well as prices for Wal-Mart’s version of full-sized items). Wal-Mart says each beauty box is worth at least $20.

The box shipped to you looks like the picture below, and I am so happy with all the goodies that came in it!


The first thing I received was a sample of Aussie Mega Hairspray. I love…love… love Aussie brand anything, so this was a major win for me! I used this product the other day when I curled my hair and my curl lasted for days. I received a 1.5 oz sample aerosol can ( Full Size 14 oz. is $9.05).


The next thing I received was Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion. This lotion is fragrance free, with a drop of Vaseline jelly to help heal skin. This lotion is perfect for healing post-winter dry skin! I received 2 fl. oz (Full Size 10 fl. oz is $3.65) This is a good quality product and a reasonably priced lotion that won’t break the bank.


Next I received a 1 fl. oz. size of ACT Advanced Care Mouth Wash. There isn’t much to say about this product, other than it does the job and tastes great. (Full Size 33.8 fl $12.56).


I also received a sample of the Crest 3D White Brilliance 2 Step Teeth Whitening. I haven’t tried it because I cannot whiten my teeth with my braces (However, I’m so excited to try it because I’ve heard many people rave about this product), and it has great reviews! I received two small foil packets, step one and step two which. For the full size it is $12.96


Next is Jergen’s Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer for medium to tan skin tones. This is a 3 day moisturizer that gives you a glow tint in color in just 3 days (without streaks) and is good for your skin. I’m excited to see how this compares to my Tarte Self-Tanner, so stay tuned for a review! I received .28 fl. oz. packets, and the full size (4 fl. oz.) is $7.15.


The last set of items in the beauty box were a 3 pack of Garnier Fructis Full & Plush Shampoo Conditioner and Blow Out Cream. I have used all three of and loved them!  Combining them gave my hair body and volume, so I would definitely recommend these products! Full size Products are $17.35 (For all 3).


The cost of full sizes of these products would have been a grand total of $62.72. So this was definitely worth the $5 I spent on the box (even for samples). I was pleased with each item I received in the Wal-Mart Beauty Box and cannot wait to see what I get next. Stay tuned to the blog to see my next box and hopefully soon the target box!


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