What Drives Him Crazy?

 I asked my husband the other day to write down the things that I do that irritate him. These are his exact replies to my email in his own words. Now mind you I pulled up the email and scrolled through the list and actually laughed out loud. As I read some of his replies, its funny how they relate to my replies in part one (My list.) Here is my husbands list of the top ten things that I do that drive him crazy.

1: If I say I will do something and I don’t get up that very second, and start doing whatever task she has assigned me, she will get up and do it herself.  (She has no patience for all things considered me.)

2) If I am making a joke about something she takes it serious, and we end up in a fight 9 out of 10 times. ( I thought it was funny to tell her that I love her love handles, because I really do.)

3) Not being able to save a penny.  I come home and see new picture frames or decorations on the wall.  Why do we need another to add to the other 300 items that are currently on our walls.

4) When I tell the kids “No” and guess what they do? They turn around and ask mom for that “easy yes” for everything (drives me insane). Why can’t she ever say no to them?

Love in his eyes

5) When I want to go do something active like hiking and she replies “nope I’m not the nature type.”

6) Why is that when I park the car to go in somewhere like Wal-Mart, It takes her five minutes to get out of the car?  I’m already walking into the store and she hasn’t even opened the car door yet. Is she fixing her hair and lipstick? Why couldn’t she do this on the drive to the store she has to wait until I park the car?

7) She says “Take the dog out” I didn’t even want a dog in the first place. How did I become the one that has to force the dog out back, in the pouring rain at 10pm at night, just so I can go to bed?

8) When my wife asks “Did you really need that $50,000 truck?”  My answer is yes.  How else am I going to move around all that stuff you buy at your flea markets or craft shows?

9) Cable….Why can’t I get rid of Direct TV.? The only shows I ever see her watching are recorded on the DVR or on Netflix.  We can just pay for Amazon TV, Netflix, and Hulu and save $100. And don’t get me started on all the Netflix series she has sucked me into. All I heard about for 3 weeks was about this documentary called “Making a Murdered” which, I had no intention of watching but I had to so she could have someone to discuss it with.

BC photo

10: My Throne…..Why do I have to spend an hour in the bathroom she asks?  Because I need a place to clear my head each day before I flip out on someone including her and the kids. My throne, my place of peace.

So if you read part one many of his replies match some of mine. I wondered if my husband would laugh when he reads my list of the things he does that make me want to pull my hair out (Part One.) His list seems much more humorous than mine did. Now I may feel a little bad about my list. Only for a minute and then I can visualize all the things he does each day that make me want to choke him, and I don’t feel so bad. However, after 10 years of marriage one thing I know for sure is a strong relationship is just two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. We have learned to keep our relationship strong and healthy. We have grown to learn to understand each other’s humor (according to my husband I am still working on this one.)

It is important to complement one another on the “little things” that make us love our spouses even more each day. Oh and big one is to compromise!! In a marriage you are half of what  make a whole, and sometimes you have to bend and take turns on getting what you want (depending not day.

me and mike 3

Married couples or any couple for that matter should try to spend quality time together. This may just be taking a few minutes each day talking about your day or having a quiet dinner. It is very important to stay connected with one-on-one time. Now in the chaos that is life with kids especially this is easier said then done. Just try to balance and plan for a little one-on-one time with your significant other each week.

In our house we apologize (once we get over being stubborn) and even though we have conflicts, we don’t hold grudges. We forgive and we forget life is too short not too. It is hard to not take life out on those around you, it happens.

We work hard every day to make each other happy. We made a commitment and it has to be maintained and not pushed aside because life gets too busy. I am head-over-heels for my husband and we have conquered so many obstacles together. We have taken the long road and we embrace how blessed we are.

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