What Drives Me Crazy?

Ok so I admit I said the vows, for better or for worse. I love my hubby don’t get me wrong. But when you are married to someone and it’s long past the honeymoon phase, the things you used to ignore about him will become the things that irritate you the most.


Wait was that too harsh? Did I just write that? Luckily he does not read my blog on a daily basis. Now don’t get me wrong we are talking about the love of my life, my heart, my husband, and my soldier. He works very hard and my reasons to love him list is very long. But these are literally some of the things he does that make me want to pull my hair out.

1: Wet Towel….He showers before me and he always, always, always puts his wet towel over my dry towel. As many times as I have asked him not to do it, I walk in the bathroom and there it is in top of my towel. That’s ok husband I can dry off with a damp towel no worries.

2: Poop…..He announces when he has to poop. What in Gods right mind would makes you think I need to know this. I don’t care how long I’ve have been married, you should never feel that “comfortable” to share this information with me. I don’t need to know about the process or what is going on with your bowel movements unless you are my child.

3: Honey where did I put my ????….He has no idea where we keep anything in the house like the oven, the washer and dryer, the dishwasher, the laundry basket, the trash can, oh and of course anything that belongs to him (that he hid and now cannot find.) Unless you tell me where you put it husband, I would have no idea where it is. He leaves his stuff everywhere then gets upset when he cannot find it. Which is so silly because putting it in the drawer or the toolbox where it belongs is hiding it from him. I am half tempted to send him to the store to buy whatever he cannot find just so I have a few minutes to remember why I love him so much.

4: Let’s get healthy….He always insists I get healthy with him….Let’s go hike on a Saturday afternoon (not like I need any down time)….Let’s eat healthy says the man who wakes up at 3 am to eat candy bars and gummies that he keeps on his night stand. Just because you decide once every six months to get healthy for a few weeks does not mean I need to give up my coffee and spend my weekends on long hikes with kids who complain how tired they are the entire time.

5: His attitude about the sink and laundry basket are that of someone who plays horseshoes (it’s close enough.) Why is it men can throw their clothes in front of the laundry room door, or right next to the basket but cannot make it the extra two feet commitment to put it where it goes.

6: Taking out the trash….OMG the man has one chore in this house and it is to take out the trash. So when it is overflowing guess who takes it out drumroll….Me. The he has the nerve to say “I was going to take it out.” When were you planning on doing that babe? And don’t get me started on trash day. It has been Tuesday for as long as we have lived in our house….The day doesn’t change so Tuesday AM when we here the trash truck coming he jumps out of bed scrambling to find clothes to run out and get it to the curb. Poor guy he forgets about 60% of the time sad but true.


7: Parking….He parks so far away when we go anywhere. Like I want to walk a mile so no one opens a door on your precious truck (that he loves more then me & the kids.) So then of course I have to point out (during the entire walk into the store) all the parking spots he could have parked in.

8: TV Commentator….so irritating how he feels the need to be a commentator for every show I watch. I cannot watch Grey’s Anatomy, Hallmark, or lifetime show without his constant comments. Let me enjoy my romantic dreamland without you making a comment that this is not how real life relationships work.

9: When he goes to the pantry for a snack five minutes after I give him dinner. What is he six? Was my food that horrible that you are still hungry?

10: Watching his shows. What makes you think my brain has any more room for information you gather off “How’s it made” or the history and science channel. I want to watch Law & Order or Criminal Minds thank you very much I may need to fend of a serial killer one day. That is useful information to have in your back pocket.

Now some of you might think I should feel bad for this lovely list, however you will see in Part 2 of my blog just how I annoy my husband from his point of view. Like I said my list for the things I love about my husband is so much longer then this one so on the Karma scale I am safe.

However jokes aside my husband is always very supportive and when you love a crafter, trust me that is a hard thing to be. He allows me to go into a craft store alone knowing well enough I will black out and cannot be held accountable for the amount of money I spend or items I buy.

He also compliments me every chance he can. What’s funny is he will tell me I am pretty at the worst times. When my hair is a Deb side ponytail and no makeup on. He recognizes all my hard work even when he doesn’t agree with how hard I work.

He tells me I am doing a great job even after asking if it is to late to put our kids up for adoption. He notices all the little and all the big things right when I need him to.

He also listens to me even after he spent all day listening to other people. Sometimes I just want to TALK. About my day, about my drama, and he lets me vent. I often realize I talk WAY too much but he just smiles and listens and looks away from his phone or TV if even for a minute to hear me roar.

I also know that me and the kids are his number one priority. We both have so much on our plate, yet he makes sure I am number one on his list of important things in his life.

He also even though not often he try to communicate with me. He asks me questions or opinions when it really matters and does not keep secrets from me, which is huge. He has no problem telling me he loves my love handles which in his silly mind is a compliment.

At any rate he is my best friend and as often as we move with the military that is a huge gift. He is my person who I can call or talk to anytime anywhere and I can rely on him. He always makes me feel better (when he isn’t irritating me.)He brings out the best in me and I look up to him for how hard he works, how he treats our children, and how he spends his time. He has our family on the right path for a bright future full of happiness.


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