What Most Strongly Informs A Home’s Aesthetic?

What Most Strongly Informs A Home’s Aesthetic?

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When renovating our homes, we often have a goal in mind. We might wish for an aesthetic upgrade, further utility, perhaps the ability to fix an ongoing problem. For example, it could be that subsistence in our garage area warrants tearing that part of the building down and building anew. For the most part, a renovation is a passion project, and not one of need as would be appropriate in that example.

Sometimes generalizations are more accurate than you might give them credit for. We would like to suppose one. If you’re investing in a renovation, you aim to help your home look better. It might not be the primary goal, but you hope it will be a consequence of your efforts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. But it does require you to plan a little. For this, we ask, what most strongly informs a home’s aesthetic?

This way, you can potentially consider alternate means of improvement, or direct your mainline efforts around a secondary orbit of priority. Let us consider what that might look like, by answering that posed question:

The Windows

A property’s windows are often left unappreciated unless quite clearly damaged, or are sporting poor insulation. It’s not uncommon for someone to move into a house, to live there for a decade and then to move on without ever considering the windows at all. But just because they seem relatively stable and fixed implements of a household, it’s not true that they have no impact at all on how your home aesthetic is perceived. In fact, the opposite is true.  They inform it to a profound degree. Dirty windows, windows with slight damage, out of date or clashing frame colors and anything other than double glazing can signify a property in need of important window repair.

We would recommend looking at professional window replacement services that can conform their selection to the needs of your home. It could be that you’re renovating your bay windows and wish for the panes to be replaced as a result. It could be that a football directed from the accidental kick of your playing son has prompted a window replacement in your kitchen. This can all serve as a wonderful opportunity to modernize your window approach, to make them more secure, more insulated, and to some degree, conducive to further privacy.


The Front Door

Ah, the front door. It is the first thing you must interact with when entering your home after a long day of work. It can signify the personality of your property, and tie the aesthetic of the entire exterior front together. It can also ensure privacy, depending on how its design is considered. For example, some might enjoy a front door with glass panels, allowing a view through into the front hall. Some might prefer a heavy wooden door, something that remains secure no matter what.

It’s important to consider the color of your front door, and how it all matches with home. It’s important to consider how the door arch might influence this aesthetic. And most of all, it’s best to overcome your sense of worry and just invest in getting this right. Because how many front doors do you really need in your lifetime? One, well chosen, can last for decades.

We would recommend that you consider purchasing a door that is secure, and cannot be broken through easily. We would suggest you consider its privacy, such as how much can be seen through your letterbox. And thirdly, considering how this aesthetic might best be felt within the context of your colors and front home decorations can be well worth your time.

After all, a front door completes the aesthetic of your property, and a change here might be worthwhile.



Lighting is one of the most powerful elements of improving your home’s design. But to a certain extent, you might consider it out of your hands. Natural lighting from the sun cannot be negotiated with, no matter how hard you try. If you ever find a means to move the sun willingly, let us know. However, you can consider how your home adapts to said sunlight. Keeping all windows free and clear, for example, can be a great start. Painting the walls a lighter color to allow for a more comfortable reflection of light can help stretch the natural openness to a higher degree.

On top of that, mirrors, lamps, and ceiling lights can help you bring targeted and comforting light to the areas of your home that might need it most. Lighting can help influence a home and help it seem inviting, fresh and transition an otherwise dark room into somewhere you are happy to relax.

We would also recommend you consider how celebratory lighting might work within your home. For example, small cats-eyes lights might help enunciate a poster on the wall. LED’s in the ceiling of your bathroom might allow for romantic lighting when you really just want to relax and take that bath. If you can implement lighting to your benefit, all of a sudden the personality of your home completely changes.


The Flooring

Flooring is essential to get right. We often disregard how the flooring looks, provided it is not dangerous. But it plays with the light of your home just as much as your walls do, and it truly does influence your aesthetic. This is why it’s important to ensure laminate flooring is varnished again after a few years. Shag carpet must be routinely cleaned. And it’s also important to consider how your design decisions might be used for better or worse. For example, you might love the look of tiled carpeting. But having any sort of fabric implemented in your bathroom area is simply a bad choice for obvious reasons. We would recommend you look at your home’s flooring, and consider how it could be informing or hindering your home in either direction.

With these tips, we hope you are better able to take a cohesive yet prioritized view of your home’s aesthetics, opening you up to more informed renovation.


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