Where Mats Belong In Your Home Decor

Where Mats Belong In Your Home Decor

It’s okay if your home doesn’t have a style of it’s own and if it follows the conventions of a standard family home. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if we all had the choice we would inject our own personality into it somehow. But not everyone is comfortable with experimenting so largely in their house. If it goes wrong, it goes really wrong. It could end up costing you a lot of money to fix. You don’t want to be so bullish that you buy a brand new sofa to thrust a new intensity into your living room but then realize you don’t like it after a week or so. So it’s best to just start off small and work your way up. That’s actually one of the problems, we keep looking up when we should look down more often at our home decor. Mats are basic but can be done very well. They can have a huge impact on your home if you know how to style them in your decor.

A soft scandanavian mat

Recently in the home decor world, the scandanavian style has taken a firm hold in the bathroom. What’s not to like about it, because there are a lot of neutral colors being used. The walls are white, the sink can be a granite grey, the towel rack can be in stainless steel, the bath itself can be in the design of a clamshell and the toilet is postmodern. When you walk into a white bathroom, you get a sense of cleanliness. The bathroom mat is for when you step out of the shower or bath. It prevents you from slipping but it’s also good for our feet as we don’t want to go from hot to cold suddenly. A linked wooden bath mat would be a brilliant new addition to your bathroom. The wood is in a light beige, linked together and can lie flat or can be slightly angled upward. The wood will absorb the heat from the steam but is varnished to protect it from rot.

At the bottom footstep

The stairs are one of the most used parts of the home. Everyone in your family is going to need to get up and down and thus you can get a lot of people leaving their dirt and muck at the foot of the stairs. This happens when they go up the stairs after just being outside. Hence why it’s wise to put a mat at the foot of the staircase. However you need something that isn’t so rugged like a welcome mat because people will be barefoot or just wearing socks. You can make your own mat for this. Using adhesive strips, you can connect any kind of fabric you want together and also use the foam from the strips are the padding. Get some cloth that is usually for rugs can cut it to your measurements. Stick the two sides together and you have a basic but practical staircase mat.

Start off with changing something small in your home such as the mats. They can be wooden fore the bathroom to complete a scandanavian neutral style for example.


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