Who Said You Had To Play The Waiting Game When Moving Into An Old Property?

Who Said You Had To Play The Waiting Game When Moving Into An Old Property?

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Buying an old property is a dream for many of us. We can’t imagine anything better than a house which has seen so much life. Not to mention that, if you love character, an old property will have it in spades. During your house search, the chances are that you disregarded anything which didn’t have at least fifty years behind it.

The trouble is that the majority of old properties fall into some level of disrepair. While you could move into a new build without thought, an older home may need a little love before it’s even liveable. That can be tough to deal with when you want to get in. There’s nothing worse than having the keys and not being able to move straight in.

Luckily, tackling things in the right way could see you moving in way faster than you might otherwise. Instead of waiting months to get into your new home, keep reading to ensure you’re in before you know.


Focus on your exteriors

Too often with old houses, we focus on interiors above all. If we do think about exteriors, it tends to be an afterthought once we’ve taken care of everything else. But, this is a fatal mistake you want to avoid. Think about it; most interior issues are a result of exterior problems. It’s no good cleaning those damp patches if you don’t address their exterior source. Equally, your new plastering is never going to last if there’s water dripping on it. You get the idea; neglecting your outside can see you having to do everything twice. Don’t let it happen by starting outside. Call on a company who can repair your roof. Focus on filing any holes in your exterior walls. You may even find it worthwhile replacing those vintage window panes.


Take care of major renovations


Next, you want to take care of any big renovations. If you want to strip your kitchen or bathroom, for example, now is the time to do it. Even if you think these rooms are liveable as they stand, it’s better to take care of this now. The last thing you want is to be without one of these crucial rooms once you’ve moved in. Even better, focusing your efforts on one of these at a time can see you finishing them fast and moving into a tailored space sooner than you’d expect.


Leave decorating alone

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Many homeowners focus on decorating an old home above everything. This is their priority in getting the space ready for their moving in. But, we suggest you leave decorating alone for the time being. By focusing on this, you’re taking your attention away from the more serious tasks mentioned. Besides which, it’s easy enough to decorate once you’ve moved in. So, don’t put the big day off more than you need to by worrying about the way someone else’s decor looks. Even if there are bare floors and exposed walls, you can deal with it all at a later date.


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